3 questions to detach from food beliefs

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Now that we are following the 4 steps to expand nutritional consciousness (click here to read about the expansion of the nutritional awareness), we can focus on the importance of working on DETACHMENT.

We’ve had the same habits for a very long time, at times without knowing exactly why and, other times, thinking that what we consume is “good for us“. Thanks to the exercise of consciousness we can perceive that each body reacts in a different way, as well as people react in different ways to the same situation.

Our body is wise, often, that wisdom starts at the very moment of seeing or eating something. The idea of a conscious nutrition is about knowing which food that we like, and is good for us, contains more nutrients, in order to enrich our diets and transform them into a more efficient energy source.

From now on, the invitation is to detach from our food beliefs, so we can open up our minds to the idea of nutrition. Let’s ask 3 simple questions to ourselves:

  1. What do we eat just because people say is good for us?
  2. Is it really good for us?
  3. Do we enjoy the flavor and our bodies reacts well when we eat that?

Let’s create habits based on the integration of scientific knowledge and our natural wisdom (click here to read the text about micronutrients and cell regeneration). Currently, my diet is focused on the consumption of fruits, drupes, seeds and grains, all high in micronutrients. What about yours? What do you eat every day and why do you eat that?


Version en español

versão em portugues

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