6 Indicators of Presence and Gratitude

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To get in touch with new ways of perceiving the world, we need to be more aware of our own processes and how they influence our interaction with the environment. In this process the mind is essential, because, as a present ally, it can profoundly transform what we consider an inevitable fact and, connected to the heart, teaches us to be grateful for everything that exists (click here to read about elevating our experience).

Bringing the mind to the present (click here to read about present mind) is one of the best strategies to perceive that the miracle of life is in the small details, a smile, a hug, a joke, the sun coming in through the window, a tea in good company, a landscape of concrete or nature that we have every day in front of us, in short, everything that seems the same and routine begins to be perceived as unique and wonderful, we can only perceive the unicity of each moment when we allow ourselves to broaden our perception.

Here we have 6 indicators that show us that we are more present and grateful.

  1. We pay attention to the smallest details
  2. We use our senses more intensely to connect with everything and everyone
  3. We integrate better what we feel to what we live
  4. We perceive the uniqueness of each moment
  5. We learn more about the situations we’re living and the people we’re communicating with
  6. We transform ourselves constantly aligned to our purpose and context.

Choosing to live life from gratitude and infinite learning we connect with other angles of the same reality and we get to recognize magic in the now. We can choose to perceive every moment as a miracle.



Version en español versão em portugues


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