7 Levels for Personal Empowerment

7 Levels for Personal Empowerment

I want to introduce this eBook I’ve written: 7 Levels for Personal Empowerment.

This book has been constructed with the intention of getting ourselves in touch with our great realization potential, from our hearts, so we can materialize it, with our minds as allies. Its reading leads us to a deep journey to our inner worlds, where we reconnect to everything necessary to understand any belief, need or emotion we need to transform, so we can easily flow along with our lives, and transmute what we consider relevant in our reconnective present. Let’s feel with our hearts every word, and integrate to our own experience, whatever contributes to our evolution. It is our own decision to enhance, constructively, what we are.

This eBook contains 7 chapters with information, practical exercises, to integrate to our own lives, the most appropriate way, and tables to organize our ideas (CLICK HERE TO READ A PART OF THE BOOK INTRODUCTION).

To buy the eBook, choose a language below (ENGLISH, SPANISH, PORTUGUESE) and click on BUY NOW. After it, automatically, a page for registration, or login, opens, and then you just need to follow the instructions to pay.

When the payment is finished, you are redirected to the CONGRATULATIONS PAGE in which you need to write your name, or nickname, (for a personal dedication I put as a part of the eBook) your e-mail, or WhatsApp number, in which you want to receive the eBook, in case the book is a gift for someone, you want other copies for other people, or you want to write a message for me, write the detaisl in the field “MESSAGE“.

I hope this book contributes to your own process, as it has contributed to mine. Love.


7 Levels for Personal Empowerment
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7 Niveles Para el Empoderamiento Personal
PayPal Payment: USD$9.99

7 Níveis Para o Empoderamento Pessoal
PayPal Payment: USD$9.99

eBook Written by Ángel – Personal Empowerment. Writer and Personal Processes Assistant



Cover Designed by Alejandra Valencia Cardona – Illustrator and Artist




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