Activating our purpose mode

Activating Our Purpose Mode

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It is common to find people judging others for their vices, especially when we talk about substances such as alcohol and drugs, but are we aware of our own vices? Since childhood we have vices, which sometimes we are not aware of, and, as we grow, we strengthen or create others, something that seems common as speaking badly or well about peopla, thinking pessimistically or optimistically, consume food with or without nutritional consciousness, being manipulative or submissive, all these examples are extremes of vices that we have and that may, or may not, be constructive and sustainable in the place we live, but at a certain moment can become destructive and unsustainable, especially when from our personal wisdom we perceive that we can find an appropriate measure for everything in life, even more when we have a purpose (click here to read about harmony of energy).

Reflecting on the reason for our vices, I’ve perceived that our mental and emotional desires make us look for satisfaction in things that make us forget temporarily what we don’t know how to accept in our life, and what allows us to get off that emotional roaller coaster is having a purpose that integrates our whole life, that allows us to recognize our talents, work them and integrate them into the context, which leads us to use our time and resources to build from our own feelings, thoughts and expression. To do this we can consider these simple aspects:

  1. What we like: by using our time doing what we enjoy (especially in an independent way) we connect to our peace and to everything that is appropriate to our experience.

  2. What we do well: we all have different talents, what we do well and find easy and interesting, compared to other areas, expresses a lot about ourselves and about how we can contribute to society.

  3. What people admire about us: we all have specific characteristics that others admire in us, if we don’t know what is exactly we can ask, especially to the people that know more about ourselves.

  4. What we want to transmit: by integrating the last 3 aspects we can find different creative ways of expressing ourselves in all the areas of our lives, assuming the responsibility for our own selves and for transmitting the desire of connection from respect and integrity (click here to read about transparency).

Let’s understand that, as people, we’re always an example that can be imitated, then we can live by constructing peace in all areas of our lives based on self-knowledge, integrity, transparency and coherence, as a purpose, so that we learn to make more conscious decisions from our peace (click here to read about how to decide from our peace) to construct from the differences.



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Version en español versão em portugues

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