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I love writing and expanding my own consciousness in levels that allow myself to have better knowledge and control over what I am emotional, mental, sentimental, physical and energetically. I enjoy reading and talking, to integrate new knowledge, and being able to transmit in a simpler way what I practice in my life, through my own example.

The intention of what I write is accelerating processes, of self-knowledge and empowerment, through the expansion of personal consciousness, fro the subtlest to the densest level, in an INTEGRAL WAY.

I write articles that contribute to the expansion of personal perspectives at Portal Empowering Angle and my eBook “7 Levels for Personal Empowerment” is for sale (click here to read a part of the introduction and buy the eBook (US$9.99))Personal Empowerment (click here to read the full articleis knowing ourselves so well, that we are able to assume the responsability for who we are, and where we are, and for the feelings, thoughts, words and actions that lead us to make decisions in our lives, to follow our hearts and putting our minds at its disposal. Through this process, and by increasing our coherence, we recognize our INTEGRITY and enhance our AUTHENTICITY.

I also work as a personal consultant, offering points of view and resources that lead people to better understand their own process so they can work more assertively at the present moment and in future situations (half hour session cost: US$ 15.00) .


Email: empowered.angel@outlook.com
WhatsApp: +57 305 3715480

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Let’s make, consciously, a more conscious and integrated humanity to create a more collaborative, transparent and sustainable society.

Version en español versão em portugues

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