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Building solidly, integrating our essence

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For me, it has been a great discovery to perceive that not everything that seems “good” really comes from the heart or is the most appropriate for me. During our life we’ve been used to make judgments about everything we perceive, and we generally say that someone has a good heart because, apparently, they help the world, people or animals, selflessly, and that, has become fashionable also in business, then, when someone wants to have a highlight, to be perceived as someone with a good heart, makes charity in a “disinterested” way, but, does that really come from the heart or is something built by the mind from the judgments that are in society?

We are all born with the potential to be what we want, from the worst person to the best (from any of the perceptions of society), everything depends on where we are going to direct our energy (thoughts, feelings and expression), for, any side that we choose, our mind is armed with reasons to justify that what we do is right, and others must follow us because they are wrong, but, in reality, each of us is on the appropriate way to learn, in some way, what we need. We exist to constantly learn, when we don’t do it, we suffer, but, what if we decide to learn with ourselves from now on?

To build something with solid foundation, it is necessary to start with self-knowledge. When we focus our energy on something we don’t like or we’re not good at, at some point what we have built is destroyed, because only real confidence in ourselves, in our abiliities and in our own talents, leads us to make more assertive decisions and build from our own foundation. Let’s see some important points to construct solidly:

  1. DESIRES: Throughout our lives, we create many desires that come from the mind, from our attachment to material things and people, to compare ourselves to others. All this leads us to channel our energy where people tell us we can have better results, often without caring for ourselves or others, sometimes even ignoring law itself, and, there, we spend our lives in what we think we need to be happy. It is important to remember that fullness is in the present moment, and that the desire of the heart (click here to read about connecting to our hearts) leads us to act here and now, taking firm and sure steps to construct from our talents and integrated gifts. We must be the owners of our own desires and learn to give them shape every minute, with every thought, with every feeling, with every word, with every action and with every gesture. Our desires are never too big or small, so, it is important that we learn to live more authentically, to love and integrate what we are.

  2. COHERENCE: From our relationship with ourselves, passing through the relationship we have with our family and with the environment we live in, it is important that we are aware of what we need to relate with respect and transparency (click here to read about transparency). Let’s exercise coherence between what we think, feel and express, so we can really be coherent and bring that energy completely to all areas of our life that are really a priority for us.

  3. HELP: Actually nobody needs help (click here to read about helping vs. contributing), what we need is assistance in what we’re not specialists, to be able to construct. By dedicating ourselves to “helping” people who we believe need it, because they ask for it or because we believe they truly need it, we’re not giving assistance for them to build, but giving what they want to stay in their comfort zone, therefore, it is essential that we learn to know ourselves better and to connect to our hearts to be able to contribute with what’s truly aligned with who we really are.

Let’s begin to connect more lovingly to ourselves, the more we accept ourselves, the more assertive our decisions are, avoid judging what seems good or bad and let the heart takes us through the path of our tranquility, always respecting everything and everyone around us (click here to read about harmony of energy). To have a more conscious and transparent world, we don’t need to be the best, we just need to be the most whole version of ourselves.



Version en español

versão em portugues

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