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When looking for answers, we can find information that seems more familiar according to our own experience, but, beyond what others are able to transmit, there is our own identity.

Our identity is the integration of our purpose of peace, the coherence between our sentiment of total peace, what we think and our expression. When we understand this, the certainty of belonging to ourselves, and to everything that already exists, strengthen our confidence in each one of the decisions we make from our own inner peace.

This book is a reflection to identify in ourselves our priorities of construction to live the peace we want in everything in our life.

The Pleasure of Learning: Self-education

With the intention of producing a deep reflection about education in our society, I’ve written this book where I approach essential aspects of education and its contribution to the social and individual construction. From our reflection, we can build our own way of contributing to an education from the integrity of the human being to the integrity of society.

It is through knowledge and reflection that we create coherence between who we are and where we live, therefore, it is essential to understand that each one of us is a fundamental part of education in our society. What we do in our present constructs our future. This light reading book is available by email.  

ENERGIZING: Present Construction

It’s always time to broaden our perception and know more about our own energetic processes, since, only who knows their own energy can make the most appropriate decisions to construct from their inner peace.

I’ve written this book during my own process of identifying what truly energizes me in the present and that, consequently, lead me to invest my energy the most appropriate way possible from my purpose of contributing as a social individual from my peace.

On these 18 pages, we find information we can integrate to become more conscious about our own energy, from our emotions to our nutrition.

By remembering that each of our decisions construct our destiny, we understand the importance of making decisions aligned to our peace, this way we all construct the world peace we want.

7 Levels for Personal Empowerment (printable eBook)

Version en español versão em portugues

Trough the process of reconnecting to my inner peace, I’ve come to the conclusion that, in order to manifest the peace we want from the world, it is essential to truly know ourselves so we can potentiate our talents and integrate ourselves to the context in the appropriate measure, hence contributing, in an authentic way, to the construction of a society of integrity.

From the processes I’ve followed, and contributed to, I’ve had the idea of transmitting, in a simplified way, the knowledge I’ve integrated, which I’m and example of, on the printable eBook 7 Levels For Personal Empowerment, that, in approximately 100 pages, integrates practical exercices, moments of personal reflection and an integral perception of our aspects as human beings (mental and emotional worlds integrated to the social context), focusing our energy to develop ourselves as social individuals (click here to read a part of the introduction of the book).

Each chapter is a level that leads us to understand more deeply the connection between our belief system, our emotions, our feelings and our authenticity, in order to integrate everything, the most appropriate way possible, to the integral expression of our essence, hence strengthening our coherence from our heart, our inner peace.

We are the integration of several dimensions, we need to find our appropriate measure to contribute as part of the whole, be grateful, accept and potentiate authenticity in unity.

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. The book includes a personal dedication.




Version en español versão em portugues