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How did I get rid of my Rhinitis?

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The title of this article is an easy question to answer: by transforming habits which caused it. To understand the meaning of this answer, I want to tell you what led me to understand my own rhinitis process in order to know the cause and to be able to establish new constructive habits, it’s not about getting rid of something, but to integrate it as a resource that assists us to know our body and decide our experience.

From the age of 15, I began to manifest crises of rhinitis that lasted almost all the year, I used to live in a cold city and I was getting even more sedentary. Then, living in warmer cities, and going back to physical activity, I started feeling better, until the cold or the sedentary life showed up again, worsening my rhinitis, but I felt used to it, despite feeling bloated and tired for most of the day. At one point in my life, researching on nutrition, I read about the blood type diet, and I decided to avoid the consumption of milk and dairy products to the maximum, which, at the time, was very appropriate to understand that we are what we eat.

The rhinitis was diminishing, even on cold days and in those that I didn’t do any physical activity, it was at that moment that I began to analyze the effect that temperature and nutrition had in my body. Researching a little more, I discovered that toxins leave the body through sweat and mucous membranes. At that moment, I realized that this was the reason why my rhinitis crises coincided with the temperature of the body, when I feel cold I don’t sweat enough, even less if I don’t exercise, then, the elimination of the toxins is concentrated in the mucous causing different inflamations inside the body, especially when the amount of toxins is very high, and in my case, that I used to love cheese, when I ate I already knew that I would feel congested when my body expelled what it can’t process through mucous and sweat.

After understanding the process, I remembered that, in the moments in my life when I was better, I used to consume only the necessary food, was in warmer places and/or did some physical activity, then, from the knowledge integrated to my experience, I built my own wisdom about my rhinitis, these have been my empowering habits ever since:

  1. Almost zero consumption of milk and dairy products: it is important to integrate foods with calcium to do this, in my case, I bet on germinated seeds (flax, sesame and almonds) (click here to read about plant sources of calcium).
  2. Almost zero consumption of processed foods: there are many substances present in this type of food that the body can not process and/or use in the nutritional process, in my case, I try to find foods rich in vitamins and minerals (fruits and seeds) and consume them blended in order to enhace their absorption (click here to read about absorption of nutrients)
  3. Breathing through the nose: because of the rhinitis, many of us get used to breathing through the mouth, which reduces the space of the air passage of the nose, so, it is important to practice nasal breathing, so the air passage is enlarged and the nose complies its function of filter and temperature regulation of the air that enters the lungs to oxygenate the body.
  4. Postural awareness: by being aware of the function of our bones, joints and muscles, we can integrate constructive posture habits when sitting, lying down, standing or walking, I’ve perceived that it is a sufficient basis to keep the body active and thus make its processes more efficient.

By learning about our bodies and building habits that construct mental, emotional, sentimental and nutritional integrity, we can build the state of health and energy we want. What about you? Do you know what habits you need to transform to feel healthy?



Version en español versão em portugues