celebrating life

Celebrating Life

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Why do we expect to get sick to know more about habits to construct our cells? Why waiting for a special date to express what we feel or give our best to ourselves and the world? Why expressing something we don’t feel to someone if we can express what we really feel?

Let’s imagine that, instead of focusing on other people’s life to judge, compare or blame them, we are focused on constructing and being the most integral, respectful, coherent and transparent version of ouselves, WE ALWAYS HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO CELEBRATE LIFE AND TRANSFORM FROM THE ROOT WHAT MOTIVATES OURSELVES TO DECIDE ABOUT OUR OWN LIFE.

Today is my birthday, that, for me, is celebration of life, feeling grateful for everything because of the fact of having constructed the current version of myself, understanding that knowledge is infinite and that, integrated to my life, allows me to experience the fact of being alive as an even stronger connection to my own self and everything around me. My present for all of us today, is sharing a little of my experience about how to celebrate life in every single moment:

  1. Breathing: We need to oxygenate our cells all the time, the most appropriate way to do this is by doing deep diaphragmatic breathing (the lower part of the abdomen is contracted, the mouth closed, the air enters and the upper part of the abdomen expands first, then the chest. Every time we remember, we breathe and try to keep it all day long, so we remain calm and increase the response time to situations, because we think more clearly.

  2. Nutrition: It is essential to have a good nutrition in all respects, to nurture our sense of unity, our mind with knowledge about our talents and our personal development, our expression with more constructive words and gestures, and our integrity as social individuals..

  3. Physical Activity: We can do physical activity all day long by being aware of our movements, our muscles and our posture. Maintaining a straight posture (shoulders back, chest open, abdomen and lumbar contracted, hip aligned to the spine) to walk and sit, strengthens and allows us to be more aware about our body.

Exercising our presence in every moment, we celebrate life 24/7, I sing, dance, listen, embrace, speak, walk, create, and pay attention to my body, my emotions, my mind and my heart, because, this way, I celebrate its existence and tune in with everything around me (click here to know and buy the book 7 Levels for Personal Empowerment).


Version en español

versão em portugues

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