Neutrality, heart and mind

Connecting ourselves to Neutrality

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It is a natural process desiring to make decisions from our personal experience, but when we take a long-term observational stance, we discover relevant aspects of construction and destruction that can happen when we make certain decisions.

Neutrality is finding the point of observation where we can question everything we feel, think and express, it is the process to recognize that to construct our peace inside, and manifest it on the outside, it is essential to put the certainty of our heart into action (click here to read about manifesting the truth of our heart). As we are 100% responsible for what happens to us, because we create from our thoughts, feelings and expression, we can understand that by connecting with neutrality we are building from integration, because we can perceive that we are cells that are part of a whole, and that we can transform everything that exists in our society, that continues to generate more of the same.

Let’s analyze the following aspects within our personal construction, to identify the decisions and beliefs that have led us to build the reality we live and, thus, be able to understand the way to connect to the neutrality we want to construct from now on:

  1. We feel circumstances are unfair: it is time to question whether we are being unfair to ourselves or to others, remember that our attitudes in one area of our lives can be manifested in another we give more relevance to, then, let’s analyze all the situations of injustice that we can be exercising, as it would be to act unconsciously and selfishly with people and the environment (click here to read about reflections on relationships).

  2. We feel that there’s no recognition: having the idea of division, judgments and comparisons are present, when we understand that, as cells, each one of us has its talent, and that our real authenticity allows us to function in a complete way, we understand that recognition is something we do within ourselves and that, as we strengthen from neutrality our talents integrated into the context, we learn to recognize that each cell is doing its part, and the idea of external recognition becomes unnecessary. (click here to read about deserving).

  3. We want to stand out: when we are in contributive mode, we understand that to excel to leave a legacy is an attitude of segregation, because for that we become destructive competitive cells, by just thinking about our prominence (think of it as a tumor) and automatically encourage the emergence of people who need someone to follow, because they don’t connect to their own selves. When we contribute, we work on our talents and transmit them to be able to integrate them with the environment we are in, we can change the world by constructing it from contribution (click here to read about constructing peace from consciousness).

  4. We feel we don’t trust ourselves: this feeling exists because we have been used to believing more in others than in ourselves. To transform this, we need to know ourselves and invest our resources in working our talents and integrate them, in a neutral way, to our environment. The more confidence we build in ourselves, the greater the impact of our actions. Let’s assume responsibility and work to become more integral every day, That is how we build our personal confidence and trust in the world, and in life (click here to read about building personal respect).

Let’s remember that everything is always in harmony, so if we focus our energy on a polarity, its other side manifests itself in our life to balance what we are creating, so, let’s create from neutrality, from the idea that we are all capable of taking on our responsibility to be more conscious and integral beings and, that way, we can construct by focusing on the transformation of polarity into neutrality of all systems, from the vision of experiencing authenticity in unity.


Version en español

versão em portugues

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