Connecting Ourselves To Our Hearts

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In the most recent article we’ve learned about how to sublimate our experience through our mental, creative, sexual and emotional worlds (click here to read about sublimation), and these issues are totally connected to our personal connection to our hearts.

Our heart is our guide, whenever we live in calm, we do what brings us peace, we concentrate on our talents and we remain in our own flow state, we feel naturally aligned to life itself. The moment our minds align to our true nature and desire, the ones that respects our own limits and dreams through the calm of our interactions, we live a more coherent life, because it is the moment of great satisfaction that exists as a consequence of the total acceptance of who we are. To learn through love it is necessary that we connect to our hearts and continue to put all our intention into it (thought, feeling and expression).

To connect to our hearts, it is important that we work on our own coherence to reach our personal self-sufficiency. Personal coherence is the consequence of a conscious evaluation of our heart’s desire, of what we really enjoy doing, to be able to integrate it into our present and our context, and to build solid foundations for our development in all areas of our life. Every moment and every step taken with more awareness and certainty, strengthens ourselves from the inside out, making our personal power to enhance, making us self-sufficient, through our own talent, and contributive to connect to other people’s talents in order to build a conscious and sustainable society.

Understanding that our reality lived from the heart is the appropriate measure between receptivity and activity in all areas of our life, we can ask ourselves the following questions to know ourselves a bit better and act accordingly:

  1. With what types of beings do we flow? With young people, with dogs, with plants, with children, with microscopic beings, with our family, with our couple, with our friends, etc. There are many options that we can consider to understand a little more about what we bring in our hearts as our main talent.

  2. What are the activities which we flow most during the day with? There are many activities we may flow with such as cooking, singing, cleaning, caring, writing, reading, traveling, etc. It is important that we really know what is that we really flow doing, those activities in which we lose the notion of time because we are totally connected to them, especially those integrated with the types of beings we flow the most with.

  3. What could we do to generate income and allow ourselves to flow? Here we need to integrate everything with what we flow and put it in the context in which we find ourselves. For example, if we flow more with children and making music we can start a music project for children in the park of our neighborhood, which according to our own experience can be expanded or remain where it was established. Remember that everything that makes us flow can be remunerated, because it is a service that we are providing through our talent, our passion and our investment of resources to strengthen them.

Our hearts only takes ourselves along the paths we know at all levels, where we are more aware of the terrain on which we tread, then whenever we have an important decision we can breathe deeply and think, calmly, about each of the options we have, the one that generates more peace of mind is the one we are prepared to face with all the consequences it may generate. Remember that even if we don’t know the laws, they apply at all times, then let’s look at the consequences that our reactions have generated throughout life (in the area of ​​relationships with our partners, friends, family, colleagues, students, etc) and let’s know more about the laws of the place where we live, so we will make increasingly assertive and constructive decisions for ourselves.




Version en español versão em portugues


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