Conscious Children: 6 actions to harmonize our home

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We’re all children, sometimes we create bonds with new people in our lives who welcome us as family, others live the experience with our blood family, at the end we’re all children and being a child is to find a way of integrate to our parents through respect and love. Now that we know how to exercise respect (click here to read the text about respect) we can understand better what we can do as children every day.

Our parents share their experience and show us different ways of living. The fact of having them in our lives doesn’t mean we have to be like them but that we can learn from them and teach them (click here to read the text about differences). Family is a structure full of diversity in which, when applying acceptance and respect (click here to read the text about conscious respect), we are able to enrich our points of view to integrate them into our experience.

Let’s see some useful actions to harmonize family life by being more conscious children:

  1. Absorb the best from around avoiding judgement.
  2. Take resposibility for our lives, avoiding blame.
  3. Colaborate with harmony and maintenance of home.
  4. Establish and respect space and boundaries (click here to read the text about boundaries).
  5. Be open to communication.
  6. Thank for being in Family.

In our home we can, in a more relaxed way, learn to live by pleasure, with no obligation. When we empower ourselves of home we discover the importance of teamwork. As children we must understand that we are all different and in order to work on family challenges it’s important that we learn to communicate. Usually, parents give their best from their experience, although in the eyes of some it seems the opposite. Neither the children, nor the parents have manuals, for this reason it’s important to create a healthy space for communication in which the points of view can be expressed in an environment of acceptance and respect.

I decide to be an active part of the harmony and maintenance of my own home right here and right now. What about you?


Version en español

versão em portugues

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