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Conscious Humanity: Respecting Differences


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Today I’ve decided to write about this issue to show a point of view that allows us to construct more consciously what we really want as a society. When we decided to get closer, respecting the differences of personal beliefs, we managed to build new situations that allow us to expand our perception of the world, since each of us has a different perception according to what we live.

At this moment we have the opportunity to understand that the more we focus negatively and radically on the world around us, the more we are contributing to build injustice and social exclusion. On the other hand, the more we focus constructively and integratively on differences, the more we contribute to build justice and inclusion. We all have the right to have the knowledge that we are 100% responsible for what we decide to live, it is up to us to focus our energy to build what we want (it never depends on the external, it is our own will).

Here I introduce you to some initiatives I have applied in my life and that have served me to expand my perception of the world and to construct more respectful and integral relationships:

  1. LISTENING: We’re used to hearing (perceiving sound), but listening needs practice, because for doing that we need to understand that not everything we know is as it seems, that our reality is not the reality that everyone experiences. Only this way we can perceive the information and integrate it into the situation by putting it into perspective and from there decide if what we have to say really constructs and if it needs to be really expressed. Learning to listen involves avoiding automatic responses or advice that comes from our conviction to feel better than others some way.

  2. EXPRESSING ASSERTIVELY: the assertive expression includes coherence, transparency and neutrality. To practice it we need to set aside judgments, because they are not the absolute truth, but a perception of reality according to our experience; know what we want to express and what impact we want to cause with it, and act according to what we want to harvest in our lives.

  3. INTEGRATE: assuming an integrative stance when interacting with the world, we can realize something that can be useful in what we want to build and that we haven’t perceived. A phrase, a video, a book, etc., can be the key to open a world of possibilities in our life. Starting from the basis that we can learn from everyone and everything, our position makes us more respectful despite the differences.

Respecting differences doesn’t mean that we have to learn to live all the time with everyone next to us, but we need to learn to live together as a society in order to harvest the respect we demand from others. Are we really respectful to demand respect? (click here to read the text about respect)



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Version en español versão em portugues

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