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Conscious Love: 3 habits to connect to each other

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Now that we understand the importance of harmony between parents (click here to read about conscious parents) and children (click here to read about conscious children) we can connect, in a more assertive way, with what is really necessary to build our relationships.

It’s important to begin with the principle of responsibility. We start a relationship because we decide so, the other is there to teach us, through love, what we haven’t recognized (beliefs, needs, emotions) and, yet, we need to empower and resignify in order to connect to our inner peace.

Having the present points clear we are able to develop new habits that allow us to learn, in a peaceful way, through our relationships.

  1. Giving and Receiving: the first point is to identify what we expect from the other person and what we are willing to give. If we expect something we’re not willing to give, there is something we need to work on within us, whether by allowing the transparency, and letting things happen as a part of an agreement, or finding motives for us to connect to fidelity within ourselves, empowering limiting beliefs we have about compromise.
  2. Communication: in order to keep a healthy relationship, it is important to know what we want and feel free to express everything in an assertive way. We must remember that the other is there for us to know ourselves better, therefore the approach must always be from our personal perspective. Sharing, recognizing and respecting boundaries are the keys to build a solid foundation of respect (click here to read about boundaries and respect).
  3. Freedom: one of the most important aspects of paradigm shift in relationships is freedom of being our own selves. We must allow the real expression of each other, connect to ourselves and have the opportunity of deciding, easily, where we go, it may be through other paths. This is possible when we learn to, truly, love ourselves and, that way, we allow the entrance to our lives of people that resonate with that inner love and project themselves in a more aligned way to our life purpose.

Love is giving, receiving, cexpressing, respecting and being free to decide. Let’s avoid using tags to clip people’s wings, instead, we can use them to potentiate our intention of uniting to someone with the purpose of constructing together, let’s honor our feelings, thoughts, and expression with our love.



Version en español versão em portugues

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