Constructing peace

Constructing Peace

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How can we think that peace is an external agreement? This is a question to reflect about the fact of blaming the government for the situations that we live in our country. The question is: How can we demand peace if we live with internal conflicts because of our lack of personal coherence and self-knowledge? (Click here to read the article about transmutation of the word corruption).

So that we can really construct peace (absence of conflicts), we need to make an internal agreement to learn to live with ourselves as we are, learning to respect ourselves and thus respect all around us. This is a new learning process, because by the collective tendency to fanaticism (whether emotional or rational) has been easier to relate to the world according to what each of us considers good or bad, for convenience, without taking into consideration what we need to learn about ourselves in the reality we experience.

Here I share some points that I have been working on in recent years, and that have worked for me to harmonize internal conflicts and be able to express my own truth in an integral way:

  1. TRANSPARENCY: Learning to be transparent requires speaking and answering with the truth, this allows us to be where we really want to and learn with each of our experiences with fewer conflicts. Some people may not agree with the fact that we want to do things differently, but the way they take it is their own responsibility, depends on their own beliefs (click here to read the article about beliefs transformation) and needs (click here to read the article about not so necessary needs), and can lead to distance from others because we learn to give ourselves what we need. Thus we begin to value the truth of others, ask for it and receive it, understanding that things are not always as they’re supposed to (click here to read about justice in relationships).

  2. RESPECT: As we become more transparent, by practicing the truth, the level of respect for ourselves, and for everything and everyone around, increases (click here to read the article on respect), we need to establish certain boundaries and learn to respect the boundaries of others (click here to read the article about boundaries), as well as we respect ours.

  3. ACTING COHERENTLY: To construct peace, it is very important that we learn to express ourselves in a harmonious and coherent way, that with our words, gestures and actions we always have the intention to construct, to empower others, to show them that we can do everything in an integral way, and that acting this way creates an environment of integrity and sustainable development. For this, it is necessary that we recognize our talents and apply them to everything we do, because that is exactly what brings authenticity in unity (click here to know and/or buy the book 7 Levels for Personal Empowerment).

I have concentrated in these three aspects lately, it has been an effective way to connect to people and the planet, sometimes they show me what I can improve and I integrate it because I’ve learned to perceive my own incoherence. I choose better the words I use, I try different tones and ways to express the same and I see which has a more harmonious and constructive effect in each situation, sometimes it is a matter of feeling the moment, but always from expanding the perspective through knowledge.


Version en español

versão em portugues

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