Constructive Habits: 2 steps for us to analize and empower habits

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The last few days there have been many conversations related to habits, which we can perceive as the way to represent our discipline. We often think we are not disciplined because we fail to do what we think would be more constructive for us, but the truth is that we are disciplined with our destructive habits and we also have an emotional attachment that we need to release when we really want to transform our lives.

The issue is not being disciplined, but being free to be the most appropriate for ourselves, according to what we live.

When we evaluate the cause of our destructive habits, we usually find ideas based on beliefs, or an unconscious channeling of our own energy. On the other hand, our constructive habits usually have a purpose within our experience, and they fit into our lives because they make us connect to our flow state (constant levels of fluid energy, tranquility, reconnection to ourselves, health, etc.).

Perceiving this way, we can apply these two steps to identify and replace habits that have no constructive purpose in our life at this time:

  1. Let’s choose a habit and ask ourselves: What do we do that for? Why do we do it? How much time do we dedicate to this habit during the day? Does it have a constructive purpose for us and those around us?
  2. If the answer to the last question is NO, we can continue. Now let’s ask ourselves again: What could we do in that time we invest in the destructive habit? Is there any constructive habit we want to include in our lives? Can we build something different during that time?

Remember, habits are all reactions, or actions, we repeatedly manifest in our lives as wanting to be right, being worried for the approval of others through what they think or say about us, justify ourselves for everything, continue conflicts, etc. Everything can be transformed when we analyze through love what really construct ourselves. Every constructive habit, we integrate, takes us out of a vicious circle and leads ourselves to a spiral of evolution based on self-knowledge.


Version en español

versão em portugues

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