Contributing Vs. Helping

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Reflecting on the way we express ourselves is essential when we seek the transformation of patterns in our reality, that’s why I share the analysis of two words that, despite being synonyms, have a different essence that makes the difference between the intention behind of our actions.

When we pay attention to the way in which we use the word “help”, we realize that we start from the base that who needs to be helped lacks something, for this reason, lately, I’ve decided to use the word “contribute”, because it means giving the part that corresponds to us where we are, this way we understand that we all have what is necessary to do what corresponds to us, as a cell we must take responsibility for our function, working together with the other cells that have their way and appropriate measure of contribution.

Our experience as social individuals can be approached from many perspectives, we’ve been so long focusing our energy on beliefs such as inequality (inferiority/superiority) and emotions as pity, it’s time for us to open our hearts and connect with our truth, in order to realize that we are all capable beings and responsible for our own existence, that we only need to channel our efforts into our personal talents focused on a common purpose of building from our heart.

From now on we can choose the most conscious way of contributing, of giving what corresponds to us and receiving with gratitude what corresponds to each cell of this great organism, this way, the functioning becomes more efficient, because the flow of energy increases and allows us to act as a team, in which we know our own responsibility and do our part with conviction.

Let’s remember that our society is a reflection of who we are, a more society with integrity depends on the integrity of each one of us, from every little detail.


Version en español

versão em portugues

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