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Creating Consciousness About Our Coherence

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Lately, I’ve perceived the movement that exists in social networks, where people feel free to be themselves, or, better, to express their opinion about what they live. From there, arises this text about our coherence, something that apparently we haven’t been taught or we haven’t learned, because we have failed to question the absolute truths that we have believed in and have integrated into our reality. Whatever we do, consciously or impulsively, we have an impact on ourselves and on everything around us, our consumption patterns and the way we express ourselves. The way we treat ourselves is how we treat the world.

When we decide to use labels, we need to find the real reasons to do so, in this way we strengthen our conviction (click here to read about deciding by conviction). If we don’t consume meat to save animals, but we use leather accessories and don’t give ourselves the necessary nutrients to save ourselves, are we being coherent? If we complain about pollution, but we have a vehicle that contaminates and we buy products that during their process and discard pollute too, are we being coherent?

It is important that we become aware of our coherence if we truly want a life in peace. We only reap what we sow, so we need to learn to respect ourselves if we want to be respected, to take care if we want to be cared for, to love if we want to be loved, to accept if we want to be accepted, but, above all, to use and align our thoughts, feelings, words and actions, to construct the life we ​​really want to live. Here are some questions that may be useful for us to decide our next steps in life with more coherence and consciousness:

  1. Do we want to construct relationships, of all kinds, that build peace? (click here to read about differences).

  2. Do we want to experience the sustainable development of our planet?

  3. Do we want to act in favor of constructing something from our integrity and our coherence? (click here to read about constructing peace).

  4. Do we want to work as a team truly contributing? (click here to read about contributing).

  5. Do we want to encourage authenticity in unity?

We’ve always been the only ones responsible for constructing our life and the society we live in, so, if we really want different results, we must become what we expect from the world, even if we need to learn new ways of living life, or have to create them. We can construct peace (click here to read about peace from consciousness), consume what’s necessary, invest more time and resources in self-knowledge and experiences, know and work with our talents integrated to our personality, do what we love, love what we do, put ourselves on the same level through responsibility and connect as humanity. What are we waiting to start constructing? We can take the first step right now. 



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Version en español versão em portugues


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