Decision Making

Everything in our life demands a construction through different integrated processes, that’s why, decision making is essential, since we decide every single moment about everything, therefore, each decision is part of a complete construction. A more conscious decision making to construct peace, starts with a simple decision: We decide to connect outside to everything that corresponds to our peace inside. When we are conscious of the fact that from the simplest decision, like getting up or laying down, to the most complex, like moving to another country, is constantly building what we experience in our reality, we perceive the importance of truly knowing what resonates with our inner peace. Lately, I’ve decided to make every decision in the present. This has changed a lot the way I relate to myself and to the world, since every moment depends on my peace, on whatever I’m prepared for from my own wisdom. What, in this moment, can be a NO, within 5 minutes of reflection can turn into a YES, and what can be a YES in this moment, in a second can be a NO, since, besides being prepared, everything has an appropriate time to be expressed. For us, who want to construct a world in peace, this tips are a way of connecting ourselves to the present and deciding according to that inner peace we want to express on Earth:
  1. In order to identify how we feel peace within, we close our eyes and think of peace. We perceive how we feel, how our body feels like. This is our personal state of peace, an appropriate compass to express our inner peace and construct external peace.
  2. Every decision made, in each moment, from our peace, leads ourselves to the learning path to our own pace, so, knowing how we feel peace within, we can think about the available options and choose the one we feel peace with. If among the options there’s no one that makes us feel peace, we can take some time to think about it and perceive other options.
  3. Our mind and our expression can also be aligned to the peace we feel, therefore, by perceiving how we feel when we think or express something, we can start to implement other ways of thinking and expressing.
Only we know what’s appropriate for us, since only we can feel the affinity we have with our options in the present moment. By assuming the responsibility for the decision making in every moment, we perceive that we can contribute, in an assertive way, to the construction of a society in peace and sustainable. Everything is in constant transformation, that’s why, it is essential to keep a present connection to our peace. When we make all of our decisions from our feeling of peace, we perceive other possibilities that connect our reality to our inner peace.

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