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Discovering the Purpose of Our Relationships

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Just as each person is a world, every relationship is also the same, since combining a unique world with a unique world always has a different result, that is why, despite our mind being prepared to perceive only what bothers us, and we see it more clearly in the people we relate to, each of our relationships has a purpose in our lives, and it is in our hands to learn in whatever way seems most appropriate, we need to remember that we are in a relationship because we decide so, and, therefore, we need to assume responsibility for each one of them. So why do we have the need to create certain types of relationships if we can see each relationship as a unique element that is part of our life without having to behave the same way?

Let’s know, a little better, possible purposes that we can find in our relationships.

  1. UNDERSTANDING OUR INNER WORLD: Every relationship we experience shows us what is within ourselves, regardless of whether we consider it positive or negative, and from this view we can choose to work on what we consciously identify. By doing this, we achieve clarity about the type of relationship that is necessary so that we can learn in the most appropriate way for us, friendship, engagement, etc. It is up to us to construct with purpose and clarity according to our personal moment (click here to read the article about making decisions by conviction).

  2. LEARNING TO INTERACT WITH RESPECT: When we relate we get to know different points of view and from that point we can decide to exercise the way we listen and respect the others as they are, this opens our minds to the reality that we can relate authentically and thus establishing our own boundaries, which we respect, extending that respect towards everything around us (click here to read the article on respect and click here to read the article on limits).

  3. ADJUSTING COMMUNICATION: Some people in our life question us about our words and actions, about our coherence, they are those that show us aspects that we need to evaluate and from there we can work on more constructive ways of communicating (click here to know an/or buy the book 7 Levels for Personal Empowerment that addresses the issue of assertive communication).

  4. CONSTRUCTING: Throughout our life we know people with whom we construct, from the smallest to the biggest projects of our lives, so it is important to know each other, interact with respect and communicate in the most transparent and constructive way possible, since by doing so we perceive our purposes more clearly and we can easily identify the people who can build with us (click here to read about building solidly).

Giving ourselves the possibility to focus our attention on ourselves and the environment we’re in, allows us to connect to our own truth and make our journey our present fullness.


Version en español

versão em portugues

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