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Do We Really Act With Respect?

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When we pay attention, we perceive that is necessary to construct coherence when it comes to respect, since, the word itself, has been used in a very shallow way that, usually, favors ourselves according to our personal belief. So, do we really act with respect?

The word respect comes from the latin respectus that means attentions, consideration, but its social meaning has been touched, mainly, by fear. When our behaviour has been acquired without being questioned, there is the tendency to assume that we respect because we try to please people (by fear of the conflict, punishment, loneliness, etc.) and/or we develop mecanisms of manipulation to get what we want, and we exercise them with so mastery that we don’t even realize that we are being little considered to others, and to ourselves.

From this perspective, it is important that we connect respect to responsibility, which leads ourselves to recognize and accept the consequences of our actions. When we decide to know ourselves better (click here to buy the eBook 7 Levels for Personal Empowerment), we discover our ability to channel our reactios into actions that construct through knowledge integrated to our experience and to accept and integrate our talents, and the absence of them, in a constructive way. This process allows us to become conscious about the fact that everything we feel, think, say and do, has an impact and that, when we assume our responsability for our actions, we become more respectful to every new decision we take with attention and knowledge.

The following questions are very useful to identify if we are really acting with respect, and can lead us to transform the way we express ourselves in order to connect in a more coherent way with our desire of constructing peace from each one of our decisions:

  1. Do we express our point of view as an experience to share (wihtout the need of imposing it)?
  2. Do we nurture thoughts of constructivity about ourselves and everything around us? (click here to read the text about reprogramming our thoughts)
  3. Do we talk about experiences and points of view to transmit and integrate?
  4. Do we know what we want and communicate that in the most constructive way possible (with coherent and applicable arguments)?
  5. Do we nurture feelings that make us feel connected to humanity and the world?
  6. Do we keep the promises we make?
  7. Do we accept other as they are and construct along with them, generating an appropriate flux of giving and receiving?
  8. Do we set our boundaries, communicate them and respect the limits of everyone and everything around us? (click here to read the text about setting boundaries)

After asking ourselves these 8 questions, we can see that the “YES” answers tell us where our construction of respect and responsibility is strengthened, and “NO” answers show us where we can focus our attention, from this moment on, to further strengthen our expression. We construct our destiny with every decision we make here and now, it’s up to us using the available resources in the more constructive and integral way possible.


Version en español

versão em portugues

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