Empowering Beliefs: 3 steps do identify and transform our beliefs

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Keeping our minds in the present (click here to read the text about present mind) and having constructive thoughts (click here to read the text about constructive mind) we can connect to the world from a wider persective, where we recognize little aspects we haven’t perceived before. Sensations that comes from the most different sources and allow us to know a little more about us.

To reinforce the thoughts constructive process let’s bring the awareness to our belief system, that is an important part of our limiting mental noise, since it is installed, works automatically and, often, doesn’t match what we really want.

Following these 3 steps we can identify the beliefs we bring, if they’re limiting or empowering, and transform them.

  1. Identify the belief causing the thought that arises.
  2. Answer the question: Is this belief empowering me or other people? If the answer is “YES” the exercise about this belief end up here, if the answer is “NO” let’s follow th third step.
  3. Transform the limiting belief into an empowering belief.

This process is simple, see an example below to make it clearer.

  1. Thought: At that age is impossible to have any opportunity –> Belief: after certain age there are no opportunities.
  2. This belief is limitation, for me and for others.
  3. Empowering Belief: opportunities depend on people’s preparation and attitude.

In some cases, in order to make the transformation, we have to look for facts that shows us that our belief is not an absolut truth. In this case I see people around me that have become more complete professionals, as they age, and their experience and nkowledge have led them to be a reference in their area, since they believe there are opportunities for people with skills and knowledge integrated to their own personality and have always worked on that.

The key for building is empowerment, both ours and others’, so let’s focus on sharing more knowledge and experience when interacting, so we can improve our team work.


Version en español

versão em portugues

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