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Focusing Our Fanaticism

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Throughout our lives we’ve had the opportunity to perceive how fanaticism has been used as a segregation tool, even though it has the potential to be used from integration. Our desire to be right about what we believe generates conflicts, because we all live our experience from different perspectives, so if we really want to construct peace, it is essential that we exercise the idea of being fanatics of what unites us to integrate ourselves as social individuals: our integrity

Let’s see some aspects to focus our fanaticism on our personal integrity, by integrating the science of things and our personal experience:

  1. Let’s know ur bodies: through our will we exercise our whole body, that’s why by knowing better how cells work and their nutrition (click here to read the text about cell regeneration), muscles, bones, joints, and their respective integrated functions, we can transform our nutrition to construct our health and improve our disposition, regardless our age. Remember that there must be constant maintenance and use for everything to function.
  2. Let’s understand our mental world: what we believe can always be transformed, then, does everything we think give us peace of mind? If the answer is no, it is time to analyze and transform our beliefs in a way that encourages ourselves to construct from the differences (click here to read the text about reprogramming our thoughts).
  3. Let’s transform our emotions: emotions make us react to the world, by recognizing what we feel inside whenever they are present, and accepting them, we can build feelings that allow us to connect with respect to act in a more appropriate way (click here to read the text on sublimation of emotions)
  4. Let’s construct our expression: transparent, coherent and integral communication requires a conscious and constant construction where we integrate what we feel, think, say and do to project our intention to construct peace. This is done through self-knowledge and the exercise of acting aligned to our purpose in all areas of our lives, while investing in our personal talents (click here to buy the book 7 Levels for Personal Empowerment that shows us how to exercise our integrity ).

Exercising fanaticism for our integrity we begin to perceive how the world around us is transformed, since, by focusing on integrity, the way in which we interact is also transformed (we exercise respect, transparency and coherence with ourselves, expanding our intention beyond what we could imagine).

Since everything works differently for each one of us, we learn to respect other processes and even integrate them if we feel they make a difference in our own lives. This way we use fanaticism to recognize what construct ourselves and apply it effectively in our personal habits, without the need of imposing it on others.


Version en español

versão em portugues

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