Forgiveness Part 4: Accepting the Truth

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Through this series we have seen forgiveness from another point of view, integrated guilt and control, now is necessary to understand about accepting the truth, since that is what leads us to apply forgiveness in every area of our lives.

Accepting the truth requires a deep knowledge of our own selves. We all feel in a different way, express ourselves as a consequence of what we feel integrated in a context, whether for or against it, and choose our path, althought, sometimes, we make decisions being incoherent to who we really are. What leads us to decide to go out with a comitted person?, or to work for a company that sells something we do not buy?, or to stay away from our family in order to create another?, this kind of questions, answered frankly (without trying to create mental games that always makes us feel we are right), gives us a more objective vision of our own selves and what we want from our hearts.

When we assume the responsibility for what we express, feel and think, we connect to our truth, the one that shows to us that we are where we have taken ourselves, nobody is guilty, everything is just our responsibility. We let contact to people, accept job offers, decide to keep away certain things and, now, we are just the result of every little decision we have made, so, do we want to continue where we are or not?. If the answer is “NO”, it is necessary to make decisions that lead us where we really want, in the most coherent way and accepting that not always what we have wanted is what is really aligned to our own truth.

Freeing ourselves from the fears and beliefs that have kept us away from everything that makes us flow and feel respected, we reconnect to ourselves to build a more coherent reality, more aligned to our true nature, the process may take time, but it is important that we dareto take the first step. And, to close this week series, it is necessary to connect to our inner voice, that voice that leads us to do what really integrates us and ourselves, making us feel complete.

Let’s accept our truth and see the truth of everything and everyone blooming 🙂



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Version en español versão em portugues

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