Forgiveness Part 5: Aligning the Inner Voice

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Our perspective about forgiveness expands itself when we understand that every single wound comes from expectations and needs, and that when we assume our responsibility, release control and accept the truth, we start living a reality in which we discover that the main reason of our wounds is the lack of personal connection, what leads us to construct a new way of relating, from self-respect.

Our self is a powerful ally when we decide to integrate it as part of the integral being we are (click here to read the full article about integration of the self), but, while we try to “ignore” it, it continues being the opponent of our inner voice, the voice that compares us, either positive or negatively, to others, the voice that judge us, the voice that is afraid even taking chances, the voice that, when we question, is always giving us an answer that comes from our own preservation as separated individuals.

When we exercise focusing our Self to know ourseles better, our thoughts start getting used to talk about our own selves avoiding judgement, comparisson and guilt, in at that moment that we start feeling our inner voice, the one that accepts us the way we are and shows us the most appropriate way of constructing in every sigle moment of our lives. One super useful question to check the origin of each thought is: Is this only for my well-being or it also contributes to the well-being of everything and everyone? With time, our Self learns how to flow with our hearts and the inner voice starts aligning and focusing on what makes us flow, and we enjoy, that cause a coherent and constructive impact i ourselves and everything around.

Listening to our inner voice is truly trusting ourselves, understanding that we are always in accompanied, that there are infinite ways of relating to ourselves, and to the world, and that we can always decide to flow along with our hearts.

This has been the week of forgiveness, I hope you liked it and if there is a topic about which you want to see my point of view send it to me. Have a nice weekend.



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Version en español versão em portugues

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