Injustice and Power Part 1: Are we experiencing this?

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Today I decided to ask a friend about the complaints he listen to from other people and the issue they talk about most is injustice, both in professional life and in personal life. In the workplace is presented above all in the recognition from the personal perspective of every person, since what is perceived is the inequality of remuneration in relation to the effort of work and what we call “bootlicking” in the USA. In personal life it can happen in our family, couple or friendships, it is also the perception that what we do is not enough for people, who increasingly demand more of ourselves and don’t recognize our “effort” (I put the word effort in quotation marks because that is what we do when we try to seek external approval, which is not necessary when we begin to guide ourselves through internal approval – click here to read the full article on Internal Approval in 3 steps).

Connected to the concept of injustice, generally, there is power over others, another issue that arose in a conversation with another friend yesterday. At work, in some cases, people who hold higher positions are people who use their personal power to manipulate everyone and everything around them, and that is one of the reasons to get to that position (besides the power they have for the knowledge and experience they may have), obviously if our desire is to exercise our personal power over ourselves we somehow don’t fit into a position that requires doing that, right? In other types of relationships we find people who want to have control over others and don’t let them be themselves (take care, those people may be ourselves), here we find grandparents, parents, children, brothers, couples, friends, who want everything done in its own way and, when this is not done, they use fear as a manipulation tool to gain control.

Have we felt identified with any of these situations? If the answer is “YES”, let’s continue reading the series of Injustice and Power so we can find an assertive way to get out of this situation and create new opportunities in our life based on personal decisions made by conviction (click here to read the article on decide by conviction).



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Version en español versão em portugues

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