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Injustice and Power Part 3: Relationships

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To finish the series about Injustice and Power, we will address these aspects in our relationships. We can live in injustice in any kind of relationship, especially when we are unfair to ourselves (we do not respect our principles, our tastes, our time and we prioritize satisfying others’) or when, due to fear of being alone, or being rejected, we create a character that is not necessary (whatever our nature we can find compatible people to relate to us)..

There is a lot of abuse of power and injustice in relationships, be it sexism or the idea that one of the parties must take control of the relationship, and all the previous options only build relationships based on fear that end up in a routine, because the spontaneity and the truth in the interactions are completely lost. If we need to assume or delegate power in any kind of relationship we should review our lack of acceptance, because, when we fully accept ourselves, we perceive the importance of personal empowerment, each one of us is unique and when we manage to integrate our personal power with that of other people we build solid foundations based on truth and transparency, a solid way to construct in a sustainable way (click here to read the article on constructive relationships).

We often go into relationships based on emotions that lead us to react, or to “act impulsively”, for this reason it is important to take it slow to get to know people and understand how they fit into our lives or if they are just present for teaching us something about ourselves that we have not perceived, and that we need to work on in order to understand the situations we manifest in our lives, what happens to us (click here to read the article about what we deserve).

Here are some points of view that can assist ourselves in our decision-making regarding our relationships:

  1. Do we feel that we don’t receive what we give? It is very common that we look for what we think we need on the outside, the thing is that outside we only find what we are inside. If people lie to us, let’s think to whom we lie, if people betray us, let’s ask ourselves who we have betrayed, if people don’t keep what they say, to whom we haven’t kept our word? We are used to prioritize some people and give them special treatment, and those people can show us, more easily, our actions and reactions with those we don’t consider a priority, the responsibility for what we feel, think, say and do is ours, we need to learn to decide with more awareness (click here to read the article on conviction decisions).

  2. Do we induce the people with whom we relate to do what we want? We often create in our reality needs that keep us imprisoned to the idea of power, so it is possible that we are attracting insecure people who are willing to seek our approval, by pleasing ourselves in everything we want (we must take special care with this in family relationships and when we raise children, because these attitudes can compromise their healthy development in the world). Using our power over others is to affirm that we’re not good enough to connect with people freely and allow them to give back what we give, because we perceive, consciously or unconsciously, that we usually give incoherence and lack of acceptance.

For a long time I compared myself to other people and complained about my situation, I wanted people to know what I liked so they would please me in everything, but I realized that, despite having everything I thought I wanted, I wasn’t happy with anything, so I decided to work on myself by applying universal principles to my daily life, that assisted me in knowing myself better and understanding that only by increasing my personal power, by assuming responsibility for what I feel, think, say and do in a conscious way, I really feel more and more connected to myself and, consequently, calmer (click here to buy the eBook 7 Levels for Personal Empowerment). What do you do that allows you to be in harmony?


Version en español

versão em portugues

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