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It’s consciousness what constructs peace

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We spend our lives looking for happiness in what we do, think, eat, say, feel, but, every time we’ve expected to find happiness in those moments, Have we been conscious of respecting ourselves ans everything around us? (click here to read the text about respect)

Let’s imagine now the diversity that exists when it comes to tastes and the impact that the search for those sensations can have, would that instant of emotional happiness destroy or construct?

Let’s see some examples about how consciousness connects ourselves with more respect to our society (beings and environment):

    1. Being conscious about what our cells need to work in an appropriate way, do we construct when we eat what’s not really necessarie? When we nourish ourselves, we give our cells what’s necessary, we promote a culture of conscious consumption of food and simulate the natural and respectful production of food (click here to read the text abut micronutrients for our cells).
    2. Being conscious about the fact that we need to give our bodies quality sleep and physical activity, do we construct when we foment laziness in ourselves and others? When we exercise our bodies and sleep enough, we get to construct a more consistent health, what leads ourselves to create with more quality, through time, more sustainable lifestyles.
    3. Being conscious of the fact that we can construct with facts and words from our feeling of unity, do we construct when we want to be superior to others or compete for survival? When we practice self acceptance about what we really are, through our own selfknowledge, we get to accept differences and we are able to learn new ways of expressing ourselves to construct, with a purpose, a different style of doing things (click here to read the text about coherence and selfknowledge).
    4. Being conscious about the fact that, for having the right to bring a human being to earth it is essential to be an example of what we want for a more united humanity, do we construct when we decide to satisfy our sexual desires without being willing to assume the responsibility for any circumstances? When we understand that we can channel our emotions in a different way, from the one we’ve learnt, deciding by conviction becomes part of our lives (click here to read the text about deciding by conviction) and we get to have more clarity in the purpose of every single action, thus, focusing our energy in constructing from ourselves in unity.

Being happy can be destructive for society, because it has become an expression used to satisfy personal desires, being conscious is constructive because it leads ourselves to understand that every decision made has an impact in ourselves and everything, and everyone, around us, and that, as beings, we need to develop our knowledge about the place we live in, to integrate, in the most assertive and constructive way possible, our talents to the construction of what we want from unity (click here to read the text about humanity transformation).

So, if we want peace, transparency, coherence and respect, are we constructing that through each feeling, thought, word and action in our lives? (click here to read the text about peace construction)


Version en español

versão em portugues

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