Let’s Question Ourselves: 2 Steps to Live the Life we Deserve

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The life we ​​deserve is directly related to who we are, conscious and unconsciously, and this being misaligned to the feeling of unity, in which transparency, acceptance and respect are built, brings everything we constantly complain about to our lives, because we express that and we live it, since we harvest what we sow, it is a law that leads us to question ourselves if we are deciding to act in a way that allows us to live the life we ​​really want.

When we feed destructive thoughts of anger, hatred, resentment, etc., that actually governs the way we feel, react and express ourselves, therefore it is what we are sowing and that is what we are harvesting. The same happens when we feed constructive thoughts of love, peace, respect, acceptance, etc., we are sowing and harvesting that for us (not necessarily with the same people). The point is that, according to the environment, we can perceive the constructive as destructive, and vice versa, for this reason it is necessary to question ourselves.

We are who we are because we have decided that, the interesting thing is that we can decide to be a more consistent version with our desire (click here to read the text about who we are). We have unconsciously created many things that have seemed unfair to us but that, if we question ourselves deeply, may have been a sample of something we were thinking, feeling, saying or doing in every moment. Following these steps we build the life we ​​want and deserve to live in a conscious way:

  1. QUESTIONING: To start, it is necessary to question ourselves to understand what we are sowing, we can use the following questions: What example would our children perceive if we couldn’t talk to them? Are we aware of the effects that food causes on our bodies? Do we treat all people with the same level of respect? Do we always express ourselves with the same level of sincerity? Do we preoccupy or occupy ourselves? Do we judge or accept? Are we clear with everyone equally? After answering these questions we discover the coherence of our answers by asking: What life do we want? A life in which there is transparency, respect and acceptance, for example?, would the answers of what we are sowing fit with what we want? Let’s think about it.

  2. TRANSFORMATION: Once we have identified who we are, and what we want, we need to focus on transforming our incoherences into coherences. For example, if we want transparency but we don’t have the same level of sincerity always, we need to practice sincerity in our interactions in the most assertive way possible. So, if someone invites me somewhere and I prefer to do something else I can say “Today I prefer to stay home, thank you”. As we practice, we become specialists in our own lives. The idea is to do that process with each one of the incoherences that we perceive.

By being the change we want from the world, we are doing what is within our possibilities to construct a more conscious world, so when things seem to be unfair to us, let’s check what we are sowing to understand what we need to transform.



Version en español versão em portugues

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