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Manifesting the Relationship we Desire

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I’ve been through several moments in my life that have contributed to a wider and more responsible perception about relationships. The life lived from the mental and emotional worlds can lead to a desconnection of integrity and personal power, what leads to experimentation from voids created by the illusion of separation that generates individualistic people. This is the foundation for having relationships with parcial, or total, absence of transparency, acceptance, respect and coherene, starting from the relationship with one self, and that keeps going until we decide to learn how to experience our lives from integration of our mental and emotional worlds with our hearts, our essence.

The relationship we have with ourselves is the only one we can actually manifest in our relationships with everything and everyone around us, the more transparent, coherent, respectful and whole we are to ourselves, the more we manifest that in our relationships (click here to read about reflections on relationships). Thats why our integrated relationship, with our lives, with the environment and with people, has clear purposes to reveal in the present the consequences of what we’ve thought, felt and expressed, so we can transform the way we relate from inside out (click here to read about purposes in our relationships) .

Now that we understand that we can only manifest outer relationships from our current state within, we can reflect on these aspects that effectively take us to relate ourselves to everything around us in a more conscious way:

  1. TRANSPARENCY: this aspect starts with self-knowledge, because, when we discover our motives behind every decision, we can analize and align them to the truth of authenticity in unity within our heart. By being honest to ourselves we begin to feel our self-confidence increasing, what leads us to the certainty of expressing our talents, our desire of contributing, our innate universal connection, and, consequently, to manifest a reality in which the expression of truth is always our priority.

  2. COHERENCE: as we know ourselves, we perceive that we need to allow our perceptive system to expand in order to align our expression to the personal wisdom of who we truly are and integrate it to the context. Our thoughts need to be more focused on construction from contribution. (click here to read about contributing), our emotions need to be felt and integrated to express integrity from our feelings (click here to read about sublimation of emotions) and our expression needs to be more integral, considering the context and our real ability of contributing.

  3. ACCEPTANCE: when we accept ourselves from our essence and understand that we are all in a process of constant experimentation of our own reality, we get to accept and understand everything and everyone around us. Our power of decison is focused on ourselves, we are responsible for what we construct and for the impact it has in society, we must be the example of the integrity and the peace we want from the world (click here to read about constructing peace).

  4. INTEGRITY: when we connect to reality as integral beings, whole, that have all what is necessary to contribute from our essence, we are ready to build in the whole as a cell, by assuming the role we are meant to from a purpose that integratesall the areas of our lives, and that manifests relationships focused on its construction. In a state of integrity we are able to love from freedom of being who we are and embrace everything and everyone for who they are, we understand that every relationship is part of the construction and according to its purpose in our lives we must decide and act (click here to read about constructive relationships).

From the truth of our heart we construct relationships that connect ourselves to each other and strengthen the structure to build up, since we accept differences as an integral part of the whole, and we perceive from the essence of the moment. We perceive life as a moment, we live it as if only the present exists with the purpose of leaving an integral lagacy that serves as an example to evolve in unity, from love, from integration.



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Version en español versão em portugues

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