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As human beings, we’ve perceived the incoherence present when we don’t know what we want and, even though, we look for a false safety by controlling everything around us. Thus, we acquire mechanisms to transmit a different image, from the one we truly are, to other people and we justify the hipocresy of what we say that is correct to others, but we don’t do because we are this way and we’re not able to change.

All of us can transform ourselves, it’s a decision, the fact of finding normal the existance of deseases, infidelity, disrespect and division, doesn’t mean there is no other possibility of being a different, conscious and whole version of ourselves. This requires a lot of reflection, observation, transparency e exercise of our will, aligned to the purpose of integration, but it is possible, and for that we must be the exampe of what we want in our world. Let’s see some aspects to exercise being the example we want from the world:

  1. Transparency: we say that lying is bad, but, Do we justify our lies? by observing the decision we make when we respond, we can perceive how we react to transform the way we express ourselves. We can answer with the truth or not answering at all, it is always our decision (click here to read the text about exercising transparency)

  2. Neutrality: we say that criticizing and judging is bad, but, do we justify when we criticize and judge? we always have the option to focus on our own process, to build, to work, to nourish ourselves, then, is it necessary to dedicate our time and energy to judge or criticize? No, and the time and energy we save, both in positive and negative sides, is welcome in our personal projects (click here to read the text about creating constructive habits)

  3. Respect: we say that disrespect is bad, but do we justify the lack of respect we have with ourselves and with everything around us? Acceptance and knowledge allow us to learn to respect ourselves from the basics of the nutrition of our body, our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with the world and with others (click here to read the text of reflection on the respect).

  4. Coherence: we say that it is important to be coherent, but, are we coherent with what we feel, think, say and do?, remember that coherence is only achieved through integrity and self-knowledge, while we are cultivating segregation we will continue to be incoherent, because the only thing we really want is to build peace from within, to achieve living the integration of our truth with the truth of others, aligned to the context. (click here to read the text about coherence)

Let’s do the exercise of listening more and speaking less, observing and transforming into ourselves everything we perceive of the world, that we don’t like, into something that motivates us to wake up every day and continue our journey, to construct the world we want.



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Version en español versão em portugues

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