Social Contribution

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As social individuals, we can decide to act aligned to a coherent construction of peace.

Peace in society is the reflection of the inner peace, this goes beyond the mental world we identify with, is the true connection to what we feel peace, what we think, feel, say and do from our own peace.

This is about committing to always build from our peace, in a conscious way, and from that point constructing different ways of expressing our peace.

Everything we think, feel, say and do has an impact on society, we can perceive it in every situation in our life, therefore, feeling what is peace for us and aligning our mind and expression to this desire, leads us to impact with a conscious intention, which result we can also perceive in our experience.

Contributing in society is understanding that each decision we make has an impact on it, and the more integrity we put on the intention of our contribution, the more integrity there is in the social construction.

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Beyond tags

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Our mind tries to define everything we live to strengthen our identity, but we can train it in order for it to identify itself with the security of living in the present.

Living in the present includes understanding that everything is constantly moving and at the same time there is consistency when we build from our inner peace.

We are everything, we have the potential of constructing peace by directing our resources, in a conscious way, towards that purpose, our tags when integrated potentiates that construction, but being fully aligned with every single decision about our thoughts, feelings and words is the foundation for being the peace we want for the world.

Our experience beyond tags reveals our true affinities and our authenticity, it allows us to accept that we are more than we think and leads us to broaden our perception about our reality.

The evidence is in our experience, it depends on us to perceive it and decide to tune in to what we truly want to build.

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Beyond the existing models, which we identify with while trying to fit in society, there is our integrity. In order to experience integrity in our life, it is essential to broaden our perception about some issues, since only this way we can accept ourselves the way we truly are and construct from our peace.

Our mind embraces what we think is good and rejects what we think is bad. This is different for each one of us, for example, we could have been born in a family we consider good and we attach to it, others in a family they consider bad and reject it, there are also children from the same parents that may attach or reject from their own perception and their searching for external approval.

The more we know ourselves, the better we understand the role of our mind. What at some point we consider good and creates attachment, may change and we can consider it bad and reject it, therefore, the only true identity comes from the acceptance of everything we are, so we can decide from our true desire for peace in the present.

To live from integrity, our mind must be receptive so we can understand what happens as it is and from the feeling of peace decide the most appropriate way of acting in our present. This means that we accept everything we consider good and bad in ourselves and we integrate it the most appropriate way to the context we’re in.

Our life can be perceived as a whole, when we decide to be transparent, coherent to our peace and respectful to our space and resources in every single level, we build everything from there, that is the foundation for our self-confidence and for the integrated construction of our own experience.
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ENERGIZING: Present Construction

It’s always time to broaden our perception and know more about our own energetic processes, since, only who knows their own energy can make the most appropriate decisions to construct from their inner peace.

I’ve written this book during my own process of identifying what truly energizes me in the present and that, consequently, lead me to invest my energy the most appropriate way possible from my purpose of contributing as a social individual from my peace.

On these 18 pages, we find information we can integrate to become more conscious about our own energy, from our emotions to our nutrition.

By remembering that each of our decisions construct our destiny, we understand the importance of making decisions aligned to our peace, this way we all construct the world peace we want.


Freedom is part of us since we are born. We are free to construct our own life, and, in order to do this, it is essential that we know the impact that our thoughts, feelings and expression from our intention have.

When something happens in our lives, and we understand it as a consequence of our decisions, we get to learn how to recognize our motivations and to adjust them to construct what we want from our peace.

Constructing from our peace, allows us to learn at our own pace what’s aligned to our life, and transforms our relationship to ourselves and to the world, since we understand that each one of us has the freedom of choosing this option of construction and making appropriate decisions from their peace in the present.

The freedom of being who we truly are is essential to transform society, since we perceive the importance of focusing on constructing more sustainable lives in every aspect.

Potentiating Experience

We all have personal talents which need to be integrated to the way we relate to the world, since, only this way we get different results in our entrepreneurship. In order to create new ways of contributing for the construction of a society in peace, we must start by identifying what truly potentiates our inner peace, hence, our perception of success and the foundation for our construction change. Sustainable, transparent and coherent businesses are the result of people who invest in their own transparency and coherence from the integrity of their essence. The way we relate to everything and everyone around us is the reflection of our relationship to ourselves. As we gain experience in connecting to our peace in the present, we perceive that our abilities and our way of contributing from them potentiate itself, since we start to transform entertainment into recreation and we learn from the unicity of every moment.

Peaceful Mind

The way we experience our life is within our minds. When we pay attention to every thought in our mind, we understand the reasons why we live this way. The more we think about something, whether we like it or not, the more of that we manifest in our life, but, what about focusing our mind in the construction of peace?

A peaceful mind is always present to perceive everything the way it is. It understands that we are able to learn at our own pace by expressing ourselves aligned to our peace in the present.

By perceiving our mind, we get to know it and to deal with it according to our present moment and what’s appropriate for us to process, we are open to create our personal way of integrate it to our experience. These actions are essential for a peaceful mind:
  1. Focusing our mind on our breathing.
  2. Listening to everyone.
  3. Activating our mind in perception mode.

Moving into infinite learning reality is essential to align our mind to our purpose of peace. A mind that understands that we are unique as a part of everything, is able to align itself to what’s truly appropriate to contribute through learning.

Decision Making

Everything in our life demands a construction through different integrated processes, that’s why, decision making is essential, since we decide every single moment about everything, therefore, each decision is part of a complete construction. A more conscious decision making to construct peace, starts with a simple decision: We decide to connect outside to everything that corresponds to our peace inside. When we are conscious of the fact that from the simplest decision, like getting up or laying down, to the most complex, like moving to another country, is constantly building what we experience in our reality, we perceive the importance of truly knowing what resonates with our inner peace. Lately, I’ve decided to make every decision in the present. This has changed a lot the way I relate to myself and to the world, since every moment depends on my peace, on whatever I’m prepared for from my own wisdom. What, in this moment, can be a NO, within 5 minutes of reflection can turn into a YES, and what can be a YES in this moment, in a second can be a NO, since, besides being prepared, everything has an appropriate time to be expressed. For us, who want to construct a world in peace, this tips are a way of connecting ourselves to the present and deciding according to that inner peace we want to express on Earth:
  1. In order to identify how we feel peace within, we close our eyes and think of peace. We perceive how we feel, how our body feels like. This is our personal state of peace, an appropriate compass to express our inner peace and construct external peace.
  2. Every decision made, in each moment, from our peace, leads ourselves to the learning path to our own pace, so, knowing how we feel peace within, we can think about the available options and choose the one we feel peace with. If among the options there’s no one that makes us feel peace, we can take some time to think about it and perceive other options.
  3. Our mind and our expression can also be aligned to the peace we feel, therefore, by perceiving how we feel when we think or express something, we can start to implement other ways of thinking and expressing.
Only we know what’s appropriate for us, since only we can feel the affinity we have with our options in the present moment. By assuming the responsibility for the decision making in every moment, we perceive that we can contribute, in an assertive way, to the construction of a society in peace and sustainable. Everything is in constant transformation, that’s why, it is essential to keep a present connection to our peace. When we make all of our decisions from our feeling of peace, we perceive other possibilities that connect our reality to our inner peace.

Growing Through Recreation

When we focus on constructing from our peace, recreation is an essential aspect, since it is the way of integrating all the areas of our life into our own purpose of peace. It is time to learn more about our personal way of constructing what makes ourselves flow. It`s as simple as living in our own present and making decisions from our peace in every moment. This means, we are so conscious and connected to our essence, that we trust in every decision we make from peace for constructing an integral life. We can decide living our life as a whole, where our personal and professional areas become one, since we allow our essence to be the foundation of everything and express our authenticity. This way, time is experienced in a different way, we just understand that our personal area contributes to our professional area, and that our professional area also contributes to our personal area, so planning becomes dispensable and every moment is time to recreate ourselves and enjoy life. Information we get through conversations, movies, books, music, or any other source, can be used for recreating everything we construct from our purpose of peace. This makes us feel that we are always building a world of peace, with each decision we make.

Sexual Energy

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Understanding and knowing our sexual energy is essential to recognize the intensity of our motivation and make us conscious about the result we get, according to the way we channel it.

Sexual energy can be better understand as creative energy, it is the energy that starts expanding when a purpose has been stablished, and its level of manifestation is directly related to the intensity used, to go for what we desire, and how safe we feel from the confidence in our capacity to build.

Our sexual energy can be approached from the human animal instinct (necessity) and from the intuition and connection with our heart (abundance), this last one represents the sublimation of the first one and is achieved through a process of recognition and integration of our mental, emotional and physical worlds (if you want to apply this process I share on the book 7 Levels For Personal Empowerment you can buy the book by clicking here).

We channel our sexual/creative energy from our belief system, everything installed in our mind, conscious or unconsciously, directs the energy to put it into action. Each decision made is part of the construction of our purpose.

Connecting to our purpose of peace makes us analize our usual decisions and actions, so we can transform them into steps to build our inner peace on the outside from our authenticity.



Expanding Our Perception