Personal Empowerment

Personal Empowerment?

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Since I started to become, intensely and consciously, interested in my process of self-knowledge, I have perceived how important Personal Empowerment is. From my point of view, Personal Empowerment is a form of integration that includes the internal and external world of each one of us. It is knowing and understanding ourselves, so deeply, that we can connect, in the most assertive and coherent way possible, with all the resources we have available, to integrate them into our context. From this process we come to understand our own reality as a construction made from points of view, often governed by society, and we realize the level of coherence that exists between what we feel, think, say, do and live

I have decided to dedicate myself to this matter because I think it is wonderful the fact that we can migrate from a reactive, critical, comparative, competitive, destructive state in which we blame, to an active, accepting, authentic, collaborative, constructive and in which we assume our own responsibility. Personal Empowerment has been the most appropriate way for me to assume my personal power from my heart, putting myself in touch with the integrity of the totality of who I am and how I contextualize that in my present, that has been surprising, because I have perceived that everything I had I thought that gave me fullness and happiness was a mental issue that I was building as I grew up, now that I really know who I am, from my heart, and what I need, I can discern better to give and receive with gratitude in my present.

This process, from my perspective, has the purpose of integrating the mind to the heart, strengthening the intention, where we move from thinking with emotion, reacting, and generating conflicts with our words and actions, to build, through thought aligned with the feeling, to act and to harmonize by choosing in a more assertive way the words and acts we externalize. We perceive who we think we are, to construct who we really are, to be able to trust ourselves again, knowing, respecting and accepting ourselves totally, thus integrating ourselves in a more constructive way, to the social context in which we live.



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Version en español versão em portugues


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