4 steps to keep our minds in the present

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When we interact with ourselves and with everyting around us, it’s important to be aware of acting more and reacting less. Today, let’s concentrate on our thoughts, what goes through our minds all the time.

In 2016, I participated in a training to consctruct a more assertive communication and the message is very clear, we carry many filters we are not very aware of, our judgements, and comparisons based on our own beliefs (which sometimes give us security because other people have also bought them), and those filters make our mind to keep reacting to everything we go through instead of being present (click here to read about deciding by conviction).

Many times, while talking to someone, we start judging what the person is saying, within our minds, whether in a positive or negative way, and we already have a prepared answer. In some cases the person hasn’t even finished talking and we answer (before we forget). And we do that constantly, in almost everything we do. We cook thinking about the time, take shower thinking about what we’re going to wear, etc., any situation mess up with our minds when we’re not aware of bringing it to the present moment.

Today, we’re going to follow these steps to bring our mind back to the “here and now” and train it for acting from the moment on, instead of reacting from our filters:

  1. Choosing only one action to focus our mental attention.
  2. Focusing on the person and/or action that is happening.
  3. If a thought comes up let it pass and come back to the focus point.
  4. Feeling, with all perception system, whatever we’re living.

As we practice following these steps, our minds get used to the new behavior pattern and our state of attention, and connection, in life changes. Share this post with someone who finds it necessary and tell us about you. Does our mind live in the future, in the past or in the present?


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Version en español versão em portugues