Respectful Connection: 5 steps to exercise respect

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To build every relationship it is very important to exercise RESPECT, with ourselves and others, for it is a constructive value. When we respect ourselves, and set our boundaries, we create a clear channel of communication with the world (click here to read about transparency). And if in doing so we add the intention of repecting the other’s boundaries we will be building a solid foundation for each relationship. 

RESPECTING our own boundaries, and others’, is to understand that we’re all different and that’s a part of the construction of who we are, and the place we live in, and be willing to interact by absorbing the most appropriate of each situation, avoiding attacking anyone. What we’ve considered as negative or positive, at some point, may switch sides according to our experiences, what is a real fact is that, no matter the side they’re at, experiences are part of our lives and our development. So everybody deserves our respect, the same we give to someone who teaches us something.

The next 5 steps helps us to exercise respect:

  1. To respect ourselves and set our personal boundaries coherent and assertively (click here to read about setting boudaries).
  2. To respect others’ boundaries.
  3. To avoid giving opinions that haven’t been requested.
  4. To obeserve the way we express ourselves about others and transform it into  constructive one.
  5. To check the constructivity of what we are about to express before doing it.

Following these steps we transform the way we realete to the world, which, in turn, brings us new perspectives and possibilities. RESPECT OTHERS the way YOU want to be RESPECTED.



Version en español versão em portugues

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