Sublimation of Our Experience 2: Mental Reality

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Now that we understand a little better what sublimation is (click here to read the full sublimation article), and how we experience it in our lives, we can begin a journey through our own experience, by integrating all the areas that make up our human integrity. Today’s issue is the sublimation of our mental reality, which is the basis of the way in which we relate to the world.

The reality that exists in our mind, the one we nurture, is the way in which we live our own experience. We have several options and we perceive only the things we pay attention to, because it is what most of the time is being communicated to us, since we connect and identify with it. So if we decide to see everything as an adversity or a challenge, our lives show to us that, in everything we do, when we decide to see everything as learning we live our lives as an infinite experience of knowledge. It is, for this reason, that it is so important to verify the reality we are nurturing in our minds.

Recognizing how our mind influences the way we experience our present, we can follow simple steps to sublimate our mental reality constructively and in harmony with everyone and everything around us.

  1. Let’s ask ourselves: What thoughts do we have during the day that generate anxiety, stress, sadness, on ourselves? Which daily situations intensify those thoughts and emotions? Example: if we think about the country situation, we feel insecure, this is intensified when we watch the news and talk to people about it.

  2. With the destructive thoughts and emotions identified, we can work on them by transforming them into constructive actions that empower us. Example: we are looking for ways to reduce unnecessary needs (click here to see a step by step to assess our needs), to live with what is necessary, to save what we have now, to identify our talents to work contributing to the construction of more constructive, coherent and transparent models, wherever we are.

  3. Let’s identify the thoughts and situations in our day that bring us tranquility and make us feel confidence about ourselves. Example: When we focus on doing something for which we are talented, when we spend time with ourselves, with our children, with animals, with people, with nature, etc.

  4. Let us focus our energy on intention (thoughts, feelings, words and actions) in what makes us feel connected to ourselves and the world. Let’s learn something new about ourselves and the ways we have a more constructive impact from home.

The reflection for today is: How much time do we dedicate per day to sublimate what is constructive for us?

A hug,

Version en español

versão em portugues

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