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Approving ourselves from within in 3 steps

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As I’ve progressed in my own process of personal empowerment, I’ve perceived that there’s a very sensitive issue in the way we relate to the world: External Approval. Some of us learned that our success in life depends on external approval, on what others think of our lives, our projects, our relationships, and we forget a little about our own internal approval because we don’t know enough about ourselves to understand our own desires and limits.

Somehow, as I mentioned in the article about the Self (click here to read the full article), we all live in a context and we need to align, at least, our actions to the laws of the place where we are, as we are part of a collective, and, besides that, sometimes we find social expectations that make us think that we need to be or act in a certain way to succeed, but as we saw in the article “What do we deserve?” (click here to read full article) success is the happy result of an act, it’s simply achieving the results that are most appropriate for ourselves, it doesn’t, necessarily, imply getting married, having mansions, businesses, cars, children, it is as simple as living our present in the most authentic way possible through integrity, approving ourselves totally.

In order to follow our real path connected to our essence, it is essential to know ourselves at our best, because we are all different, each one of us has a similar structure but the connections with events, and the reactions to them vary, from what we consider pleasant to what we consider uncomfortable, that’s why we need to avoid that fanaticism of following a referential (click here to read about fanatism), because only we can connect ourselves to the most appropriate way to build our own reality and for this we really need to approve ourselves from the inside. We can apply these 3 steps to do so:

  1. STRENGTHENING OUR INTERNAL CONNECTION: For us to achieve this, it is necessary to give ourselves a space in the day to be alone, some moments in silence to feel and understand ourselves better, others doing something that we like and that we can do by ourselves. By creating this space in our day, we begin to perceive new things within that broaden our perception and allow us to question ourselves about what is in our life that needs to leave to make way for our present from our hearts (click here to read about connecting to our hearts).

  2. PRIORITIZING WHAT BRINGS US TRANQUILITY: As we move forward in our time alone, we realize what brings us peace of mind, those moments in which we feel that everything flows, when we work, sing, write, draw, play, etc. When we begin to prioritize these actions it is easier to perceive, in our life, what takes us out of our center and doesn’t bring us peace of mind, so we can decide accordingly in order to maintain an environment in which we feel in harmony and we can attract people who are in that same frequency to construct with them (click here to read about neutrality).

  3. BUILDING FROM OUR ESSENCE: Being clear in what we enjoy, we can begin to integrate other actions, alone or with people, that have the purpose of bringing harmony to our life based on our talents and our essence. The more we approve ourselves from what brings us tranquility in all areas of our lives, the more connected we are with people who vibrate that harmony, thus improving our relationships from the inside out (click here to read about elevating our experience).

Let’s know what allows us to flow and let’s love it enough so that approving ourselves is our only option. When we approve we are expressing that we trust in ourselves and, thus, we can make the most appropriate decisions for our own life. Do we fully approve ourselves?



Version en español

versão em portugues