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In a world ruled by emotions, and the mind that creates them, we find support to our actions, no matter their level of legality, to justify ourselves. Just as the concept of happiness depends on what each one of us considers satisfactory, the way we relate to people and situations depends on that mental construction, but none of them guarantee that we are connected to ourselves from integrity (click here to read about ways).

Our peace leads us to build from the simplification of our mental and emotional construction, beyond what we think about things and whatever those beliefs make us feel, since our feeling of peace is independent from the mental model, what makes our mind question what we do from there, when is misaligned (click here to read about mental construction).

In each decision there is an amount of unpredictability, we know what we want, but the result is what it is, the integration of all the present aspects. We decide each step, even letting other decide is a decision, and all of these impacts our life in the short, medium and long term, that’s why, deciding from our peace leads us to build a peaceful life, at our own pace (click here to read about model of peace).

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Thoughts and Emotions

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Each thought, emotion, word and action has an intention that comes from our belief system, an unconscious programming we have agreed with to satisfy the needs we have created in our experience.

When we start to relate with the world, our programming is present, our way of thinking, feeling, acting and expressing ourselves is influenced by it, what leads us to build from the familiarity of prioritizing our emotional pleasure.

Each emotion is fed by our present thoughts and our unconscious programming behind them, that which justifies them. This way we understand that in order to integrate the energy of our negative and positive emotions, it is essential to install beliefs that allow us to connect with our peace in the present.

Happiness in a belief system, could be sadness in other, the peace we feel in the present is a sign that we are doing our part, we respect every personal construction, we find our appropriate measure.

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We Empower Our Mindset

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It’s wonderful to perceive, through our own experience, that our minds can be our best allies in order to empower ourselves (click here to read about personal empowerment), we just need to focus them on what we want to construct from our hearts, hence, enhancing our results in every single level.

To understand our mental habits, it is essential to perceive the thoughts that come to us during the day (click here to read about keeping our minds present), we are so used to them, that we can probably feel surprised about the quantity of thoughts of doubt that emerge about ourselves and our personal processes, in all the areas of our lives, that block us from the lack of trust in ourselves, since, some of us have grown up while looking for everything that could give us material satisfaction instead of developing and work from the authenticity of our own talents.

By taking into account the fact that we can assume the responsibility about our thoughts, it is essential to reprogram, coherently, the way we live our personal experience in the world (click here to read about reprogramming thoughts).To do so, I share with you the beliefs I have integrated, in the last 2 years, that have empowered my belief system from authenticity in unity (as we aligned our thoughts, feelings and expression to them, we perceive that our reality transforms itself):

  1. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT: we have diferent talents, motivation, environments we develop in, ways of expressing ourselves and perceiving the world, etc., and all these aspects have infinite combinations, therefore, we need to invest our resources in, constantly, developing them and putting them into practice, according to our own context, hence, focusing our energy on constructing ourselves authentically to build integrity (click here to read about self-knowledge).

  2. WE ARE ALL PART OF A WHOLE: through our experience we can perceive how everything is organized into systems, just as cells work to keep the body working, we can also recognize ourselves as cells of society. From this perspective we learn to contribute through our authenticity for the construction of a sustainable and peaceful society (click here to read about building consciously).

  3. WHAT WE ALL WANT IS PEACE: in spite of the satisfaction we believe we get from having a life full of inner conflicts that manifest themselves out (because we haven’t experienced other state due to our lack of self-knowledge) we all want to be peaceful, to truly flow with who we are and to connect to people and situations that enhance our peace. We manifest peace on the outside when we are peace from within, when we know ourselves and accept our essence, is in that moment that we start constructing from our own example, through conscious actions, a society that self-regulate itself due to its high degree of consciousness and connection (click here to read about constructing peace).

  4. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT WE MANIFEST IN OUR REALITY: our thoughts, feelings, words and actions (or reactions, when there is unconsciousness) build up every day the reality we live in, so, in order to experience on the outside our peace within ourselves, it is necessary to create different ways of thinking, feeling, and expressing ourselves, understanding that everything has an impact where we’re in. Through sublimation, we can transform the way we vibrate, in order to connect to our hearts and increase the vibratory frequency of our purpose (click here to read about sublimation of our reality).

These four beliefs have been extremely empowering, they make me reconnect to new ways of expressing myself and embrace the world every moment, and to the certainty of always being at the appropriate moment and place for developing my purpose as a cell part of the whole. What beliefs have been empowering you lately?


Version en español

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