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Our ways may have led us to embrace many emotional places in our life, but they can also bring us back home, reconnect us to our own selves (click here to read about coming to us).

We can change habits many times (click here to read about changing habits), but there is a habit that strengthens our self-confidence, intensifies our self-sufficiency, leads us to find the appropriate measure to express ourselves and to give and receive, it is making each decision from our peace.

Deciding from our peace leads us to accept that we are in constant movement, beyond time and space, and that the only way of finding peace outside is following the peace we feel within in our present.

Our ways of deciding from our feeling of peace reveals a peaceful and connected side of us. Our integrity leads us to remain in a flow state where in every moment we find recreation integrated to our creativity and to the way we contribute from our authenticity (click here to read about recreation).

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The Path Becomes Shorter When We Have Knowledge

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Impotence is something we have all experienced at some point in our lives, the question is, what have we done when we feel it? We always have options, sometimes we have frozen in not knowing what to do, but others, maybe, we’ve decided to learn a little more about the situation to understand how to do something different, it can be from something simple like opening a bottle to something more complex like personal relationships, the truth is that every time we acquire more knowledge, and integrate it into our reality, the shorter the path to achieve our purpose is.

To construct a culture that values the importance of knowledge and experience, we need to understand that all “miraculous” situations (that promise money, healing, etc.) without changing habits, and in a “comfortable” and fast manner, are a long-term deception, It may be that what is desired is apparently achieved, but may become a problem again over time. If today we have a certain physical, economic or relationship condition, it is because our own decisions have led us to them, if we solve everything magically and continue with the same mentality, the same level of knowledge and taking the same type of decisions is most likely that these conditions appear again, and do so to teach us to understand that knowledge is essential for our development and to evaluate the way we behave, we can consider it correct but life shows us the opposite.

To understand and integrate the idea of acquiring knowledge and apply it to our experience, let’s see some indicators that shows we are learning to improve our own processes through that learning:

  1. FLOW STATE: We remain in this state while we do everything with our hearts, every situation that is presented, we can use it as a lesson to transform what we are doing, adjusting the course or learning something that allows us to expand our activities. For example, in the work environment, flowing in our tasks, we can find new tools to improve the process and transmit them to our colleagues. In relationships, a situation or conversation can lead to a better understanding of the other person in order to improve the dynamics of our couple’s life. It is always possible to learn, we just need to want to (click here to read about connection to the heart).

  2. INTEGRATION: If we perceive with attention, there is a lot of information that comes to us during the day, and a large part of it can be very valuable for our own processes, but for this it needs to be integrated. Whenever we find information, whatever the source or subject, we can ask ourselves how that fits into what we are living in the present moment. As we connect more to the information we receive, and exercise the integration, we streamline our processes and we are able to transmit our contributions more easily. We are all teachers and students (click here to read about Personal Empowerment).

Everything has its time, so the more present we are (click here to read about keeping the mind in the present) the easier it is to integrate what we need to construct, because it is all the time in what we live, in what we perceive, in what we create. The perfect moment is now, sometimes it will be about receiving and perceiving, sometimes about giving and taking action, everything is necessary, let’s keep our flow state, and gratitude, and feel the difference.


Version en español

versão em portugues