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Understanding Polarities as Personal Experiences

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On this planet we experience many things, among them polarities. We perceive different people and situations that make us think we can not be one way or another, but, is it serious or just a story we tell for us to feel better with ourselves in the social context we’re in that indicates a specific path?

In order to continue, it is necessary to answer the following questions to ourselves:

  1. Are we as good or bad as we think?
  2. Have we ever wished evil or good to someone?
  3. Have we ever been at times lazy or hard working?
  4. Have we ever felt sad or happy?

When we have the answer to those questions, we perceive that, along our lives, we have used polarities as resources, what makes us humans, since being good or bad is just a point of view from the context we live in, and, understanding this, is essential to adjust our personality to each moment of our lives.

Between each polarity we can have different degrees, now a little more, then a little less, and sometimes we even get to the extremes. Sometimes we insist on saying we are a certain way, but, actually, since birth we have transformed, to some degree, each of the existing polarities, for us to adapt ourselves to the environment in which we live in, the most harmonious way possible. We may have passed from moments of more smiles to more serious ones, from vices to abstinence, from limited relationships to free ones, from eating anything from hunger to being rigid with nutrition, etc.

Every moment of our lives has a change, either by action or reaction, and depends on us to recognize them so we can use it in a more assertive way. For example, if every time someone doesn’t do what we want, our reaction is to scream, when we realize that anger exists within us, we can look for a different way of channeling it, in this case we can reflect on why we have this expectation and look for an different way of doing things next time.

When we understand that is up to us to adjust the degree of polarity in every moment of our lives, we perceive that transformation is constant and that everyone of us can learn how to do it in a more conscious and constructive way, understanding what is behind every reaction.

We use the resources we have according to our cultural and family context, let’s be more comprehensive and share other perspectives, since only each one of us can connect to the appropriate measure of polarities in our own lives, by following our hearts, through integrity (click here to read about our connection to our hearts).

Let us remember that when we tend to one polarity we are feeding the other extreme, there is one because of the other to create harmony, and that, when we tend towards neutrality, the construction is more solid, because energy integrates and potentiates itself through the state flow.


Version en español

versão em portugues