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About Responsibility

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Assuming the responsibility about deciding in a coherent way with our peace, requires our attention to what we think, feel and express at any moment. In order to build with others, we can go beyond the obligations we create from what we think we need.

When we trust our decisions to build in the present in a sustainable way, we increase the confidence in ourselves and the level of responsibility for everything we commit to from the conviction and the certainty of being ready to contribute aligned to our peace and the present context.

It is essential to trust our personal construction in order to trust the personal construction of all the individuals in society, so we can build together from the freedom of being who we are from our integrity.

From our peace we understand the appropriate measure between giving and receiving, we relate from the certainty of being where we want to be and learn that our word is worth it and that we are responsible for ourselves.

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Does it resonate?

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Peace is a feeling we can be conscious about. It is always within and, when we perceive it, we are able to make decisions that truly resonate with it in our present.

As our peace vibrates and resonates with certain people, environments and situations, our thoughts and emotions vibrate too, therefore, it is essential to perceive what we’re prioritizing in our life.

Our peace can be constructed and maintained, in a conscious way, by always deciding to think, feel, say and do what truly resonates with it in the present. Our personal coherence strengthens our peace.

What do we feel when we think about peace? This answer is the guide of our decisions to build our inner peace and project it in our reality.

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Communication is a very important aspect in our life, more than we can imagine. We have learnt to communicate in different ways through gestures, expressions, words and acts to transmit what we think and feel, the thing is learning to communicate in the most appropriate way for ourselves, since each one of us has a different mental, sentimental and physical world, therefore, it is essential to connect to ourselves in order to communicate with all we are.

When we perceive communication as a construction tool, we understand that it is essential to work on our coherence between what we feel, think, say and do, since each one of these aspects strengthens what we build.

There are appropriate moments to communicate, to be silent, to transmit what we are, to build with everything and everyone around, communication is the way of expressing our intention, from it we build our life.

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The Pleasure of Learning: Self-education

With the intention of producing a deep reflection about education in our society, I’ve written this book where I approach essential aspects of education and its contribution to the social and individual construction. From our reflection, we can build our own way of contributing to an education from the integrity of the human being to the integrity of society.

It is through knowledge and reflection that we create coherence between who we are and where we live, therefore, it is essential to understand that each one of us is a fundamental part of education in our society. What we do in our present constructs our future. This light reading book is available by email.  

Total Peace

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Talking to different people, I’ve perceived a confusion between the concept of peace and happiness, before reflecting about their true meanings, they express that they feel peace because they’re happy, but that’s just mental peace.

By definition, happiness is the state of feeling or showing pleasure. The thing here is that whatever makes us be happy depends on our mental construction, so if we decide to perceive just what’s positive we left what’s negative aside, even if that truly resonates with our own peace. According to this definition, we find mental peace in our built happiness.

On the other hand we have the definition of peace that is the state of being calm or quiet, this is, being free of conflicts.

When we let our mind to perceive what we feel, think, say and do, we are able to perceive the level of coherence and peace within us. This is a construction that starts within and proyects itself outside.

By deciding from our peace, we understand the importance of nourishing new constructions to project it. Our mind may need adjustment to go back to its state of peace, but now aligned to our true feeling of peace.

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Conscious Intention of Peace

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Our life is a manifestation of our mental programming and our peace. When we express something from positive or negative emotions, our mind activates itself to justify what we do and say, independent of the social perception about it.

When we understand that emotions exist because we strengthen them from our mental model, that may, or not, be aligned to our peace, it’s clear the fact that we can integrate our emotions within us, to perceive them and identify what we can align of our mental world, in a conscious way, to our integral peace.

Each emotion is expressed automatically because of the impulse of the moment, when we integrate our emotions we consciously build our feeling of peace, hence potentiating it and learning to act according to the present moment from our certainty of peace.

To integrate our emotions, beyond any name we have given to them, it is essential to feel them. We can do it by laying remembering everything we have lived, either what we consider positive or negative, perceiving the sensations in our body and letting them to flow to our heart to transform them into understanding about our peace.

This process is potentiated by focusing our thoughts, feelings, words and actions on it, and from the intention of assuming the responsibility for the way we express our essence and integrating our emotions in order to find the authentic ways in which we express our peace.

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Social Contribution

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As social individuals, we can decide to act aligned to a coherent construction of peace.

Peace in society is the reflection of the inner peace, this goes beyond the mental world we identify with, is the true connection to what we feel peace, what we think, feel, say and do from our own peace.

This is about committing to always build from our peace, in a conscious way, and from that point constructing different ways of expressing our peace.

Everything we think, feel, say and do has an impact on society, we can perceive it in every situation in our life, therefore, feeling what is peace for us and aligning our mind and expression to this desire, leads us to impact with a conscious intention, which result we can also perceive in our experience.

Contributing in society is understanding that each decision we make has an impact on it, and the more integrity we put on the intention of our contribution, the more integrity there is in the social construction.

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Beyond the existing models, which we identify with while trying to fit in society, there is our integrity. In order to experience integrity in our life, it is essential to broaden our perception about some issues, since only this way we can accept ourselves the way we truly are and construct from our peace.

Our mind embraces what we think is good and rejects what we think is bad. This is different for each one of us, for example, we could have been born in a family we consider good and we attach to it, others in a family they consider bad and reject it, there are also children from the same parents that may attach or reject from their own perception and their searching for external approval.

The more we know ourselves, the better we understand the role of our mind. What at some point we consider good and creates attachment, may change and we can consider it bad and reject it, therefore, the only true identity comes from the acceptance of everything we are, so we can decide from our true desire for peace in the present.

To live from integrity, our mind must be receptive so we can understand what happens as it is and from the feeling of peace decide the most appropriate way of acting in our present. This means that we accept everything we consider good and bad in ourselves and we integrate it the most appropriate way to the context we’re in.

Our life can be perceived as a whole, when we decide to be transparent, coherent to our peace and respectful to our space and resources in every single level, we build everything from there, that is the foundation for our self-confidence and for the integrated construction of our own experience.
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Growing Through Recreation

When we focus on constructing from our peace, recreation is an essential aspect, since it is the way of integrating all the areas of our life into our own purpose of peace. It is time to learn more about our personal way of constructing what makes ourselves flow. It`s as simple as living in our own present and making decisions from our peace in every moment. This means, we are so conscious and connected to our essence, that we trust in every decision we make from peace for constructing an integral life. We can decide living our life as a whole, where our personal and professional areas become one, since we allow our essence to be the foundation of everything and express our authenticity. This way, time is experienced in a different way, we just understand that our personal area contributes to our professional area, and that our professional area also contributes to our personal area, so planning becomes dispensable and every moment is time to recreate ourselves and enjoy life. Information we get through conversations, movies, books, music, or any other source, can be used for recreating everything we construct from our purpose of peace. This makes us feel that we are always building a world of peace, with each decision we make.

The Game of Life

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Life is, basically, a game in which we learn the basic rules of the place we’re in, in order to “fit” in the present model. When we think about that as a puzzle, it’s like trying to place a piece by forcing it where it doesn’t fit naturally, at the end it manifests incoherence. When we start questioning ourselves about everything in our lives, we perceive that there are game strategies that allow us to know ourselves deeply, so we can really fit in that puzzle in infinite expansion, then the result is coherent.

By using the concept of the puzzle in our lives, we can perceive that we have many possibilities of forcefully fitting our own pieces, everything we are, either because of the power of our mind or the unconscious patterns we carry, but only one way of fitting everything naturally: building up from whatever potentiates our peace.

Then, here are some actions we can integrate to our lives, to inspire integrity from our example, for us who want to build a coherent, transparent and sustainable society from integrity:

  1. Authenticity: being authentic goes beyond what is evident, is truly knowing ourselves, understanding what truly potentiates our inner peace and put it into practice, to build from our talents integrated to our personality, the appropriate way of contributing in this moment, stopping following models to start following our heart.

  2. Contribution: by exercising our authenticity, we understand that competition becomes obsolete, since we learn to build our own dreams without the need for winning or desiring the same that other people, this is the way we truly contribute, we just do what’s necessary from the certainty of who we are from our essence (click here to read about integration of our essence).

  3. Expression: as we contribute from our authenticity, we perceive the importance of adjusting our personal expression. The way we think and feel is so aligned and coherent that when we make a gesture, take action or express any word in disalignment to them, we perceive there are other ways we need to seek and exercise to give coherence and power to what we transmit, specially when we are conscious about the importance of being the example of what we want to build up as society.

The most important rule of the game of life is: thought, feeling and expression must be aligned to a purpose, it’s up to us to decide to do it from our purpose of peace (click here to read about activating our purpose mode).


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