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Transmutation of the Word Corruption

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To transmute corruption, we really need to understand what it is, since many of us have referred to it by applying it exclusively to people in power who have access to money in large quantities, be it in a company or in politics, and the term actually permeates society, because the government of each place is a reflection of what dominates in the group that is represented, from the inside, so, if we want changes in the way we organize ourselves as humanity, it is necessary that we learn to be more integral, from the root.

Corrupting is altering the form of something, other definitions focus on the negative aspect such as damaging, perverting, etc., but the basis is alteration. Using the definition as a basis, we can understand that corruption, as a word itself, is not bad, we can make it constructive by altering the form of something in order to construct together.

According to the definition, corruption for the negative side could be represented as an incoherence, do we say something and we don’t do it? Do we disrespect the laws when no one’s watching? Do we show ourselves as saviors or good people to take advantage of others or situations (or to improve our image)?, Do we take other people’s things because we believe they don’t need them, since they have money enough to buy them?, Do we want a better world, but we wait for others to take action to improve it? Are we incoherent in any way in what we feel, think, say and do? Do we always believe that the end justifies the means?

Today’s proposal, with the intention of assuming our own responsibility for being integral at every minute, is that we apply corruption with its constructive definition, that we alter the form of everything in our lives that has stopped contructing ourselves so that we can be an efective part of the transformation we want with our own initiative. In order to do this we don’t need followers, or groups, just commitment and love to ourselves, so, over time, we perceive that we have a constructive impact on everything, and everyone, that surrounds us. Here are some ways to start transmuting the word corruption in a constructive way:

  1. EXPRESSING OURSELVES COHERENTLY: we can use our channel of expression (body) to transmit assertively, with gestures, actions and words what we feel, with the intention of building from our hearts (click here to read about connecting to our hearts). Let’s remember to make our intention coherent by aligning feeling, thought, word and action.

  2. NOURISHING OURSELVES COHERENTLY: our cells need much less than we think (click here to read about nutrients and food necessary for the proper functioning of our cells) and by prioritizing what we need we reduce the consumption of unnecessary food, which impacts constructively our health and that of the planet, because we increase our energy and generate less inorganic waste, among other things.

  3. RELATING COHERENTLY: when we connect to our talents, and principles, we naturally feel more connected to respect for everything, which consequently leads ourselves to relate to people connected to their talents and principles, when this happens every moment of any relationship of our lives opens our minds to a new point of view, because we stop desiring to be right and start wanting to share and grow together. BY RELATING COHERENTLY TO OURSELVES WE RELATE COHERENTLY TO THE WORLD (click here to read about building solidly).

  4. USING THE RESOURCES COHERENTLY: we need much less than we’ve ever imagined, so it is essential that we constantly evaluate how to keep in our lives just what is necessary. The fact that we think we need so much, loads us with many emotions that come from our fear of scarcity. When we have confidence in ourselves, in an integral way, everything is transformed (click here to read about transforming needs that are not so necessary).

These four points have been my compass for the last few months, I’ve perceived that living a coherent life in all aspects is part of the tranquility, consciously or unconsciously, and that every small action can make a big difference from the inside out. What about you? What do you practice that has a constructive impact on the world?


Version en español

versão em portugues