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Sublimation of Our Experience 1: Definition and Contextualization

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Today, while taking my pump of nutrients juice, I reflected on the fact of feeling ecstatic when I consume it, and it is not only because its flavor gives me pleasure, but because everything that it represents in a nutritional and energetic level, for me, makes it one of the sacred things in my life. I have realized that we can build sublime feelings about things that seem simple and to which we normally do not give much importance, it is a matter of living the moment fully and expanding our consciousness about ourselves. This is called SUBLIMATION, which, according to the dictionary definition, is to to convert (something inferior) into something of higher worth, elevate it to a higher degree.

During our life, almost always unconsciously, we have sublimated several things, some of them destructive, connecting them with the way we felt emotionally and mentally at a certain moment, and we have also related aspects, which can be constructive for us, with negative moments on an emotional and mental level. When we start to realize that, we perceive the origin of many of our vices to food, to cigarettes, to emotions, to games, to people, to sex, to drugs, to drinking, etc., and we discover that we can consciously connect more constructive habits through the feeling of love to ourselves.

Each action brings consequences, whether in short or long term, that is why it is important that we begin to choose more consciously and assertively the decisions we want to make to impact our lives, our health, energy levels, relationships with ourselves and with others, etc., constructively. For this reason, this week we will focus on knowing simple ways to sublimate diverse areas of our lives from the smallest details.

The reflection for today is: What have we sublimated that is destructive for us?

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Version en español versão em portugues