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4 steps to expand nutritional consciousness

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All our lives we have been used to eat in an “inherited” way set by our family or culture. In some cases we know the reason, which may or may not be real and useful for ourselves

The view I bring today is checking how our feeding is in this moment so we can understand it and transform it into nutrition.

When we become aware that food contains macronutrients (carbohidrates, proteins and lipids) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), we start to see the relevance of knowing what we eat.

Our bodies need vitamins, minerals and water so they can work properly. That’s the main goal of nutrition, giving what the body needs through food, that is the most efficient way of increasing the availability of macro and micronutrients to each of our cells (click here to read the text about nutrients and cell regeneration).

It’s necessary to know the reason why we follow certain diet, and by diet I mean feeding (or nutritional) habits we have, because, only then, we identify the necessity of transforming habits that can bring about balance and high energy to our bodies (click here to read the text about more energy through carbohydrates)..

The next steps connect us to our own consciousness. Remember that each food reacts differently in each body, that’s why it’s important to learn how to get our own body signals. As we know ourselves better we get better results through nutrition. Let’s follow this:

  1. Consuming more natural than processed food. Natural food contains more micronutrients, and these, in turn, are better absorbed by the body.
  2. Consuming food without mixing to determine if what we’re eating is good for our bodies.
  3. Consuming the most part of the food before noon, eat a little and, at least, 3 hours before bed time.
  4. Consuming liquids and solids, at least, 1 hour apart.

I invite you to do the test, send this post to any one who could be interested and share your own results to motivate other people through your own example.

I’ve been following these steps to keep my body healthier, it makes me feel like I have more energy, and my sleep quality and the speed of my digestion process have improved. If you’ve already done this, What have you felt by changing this habits? (click here to read the article about energy and nutrients through healthy fats)


Version en español

versão em portugues