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Ángel – Communicator

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Throughout my life I’ve lived experiences that have made me, constantly, evaluate my role in society, I’ve been through moments of crises in which I’ve decided to start over in order to understand other perspectives and I’ve experienced myself in different phases until I’ve found the appropriate measure of everything that I am in the present. Thanks to this process my perception has expanded itself, what have inspired me to focus my energy on developing my natural talent: COMMUNICATION. Step by step we potenciate each other and touch our hearts by investing in our authenticity, from our peace.

I love writing and expanding my own consciousness in levels that allow myself to have tha appropriate knowledge about what I am emotional, mental, sentimental, physical and energetically. I enjoy reading and talking, to integrate new knowledge, and being able to transmit it, in a simpler way, what I’ve integrated in my life, potentiating it through my own example.

The intention of what I write is inspiring and accelerating processes, of self-knowledge and empowerment, through the personal experience, from the subtlest to the densest level, in an INTEGRAL WAY.

I write articles that contribute to the expansion of personal perspectives at Portal Empowering Angle and have available for sale the eBook, based on my personal experience, “7 Levels for Personal Empowerment” that integrates practical exercises, moments for personal reflection and an integral perception of our aspects as human beings (mental and emotional worlds integrated to the social context), focusing our energy, to develop ourselves as social individuals (click here to read a part of the introduction).

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We, consciously, make a more conscious and integrated humanity to create a more collaborative, transparent and sustainable society.

Version en español

versão em portugues