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It is essential to understand the definition of certain words, in order to experience their meaning as it truly is, this can transform us and connect ourselves mentally to our peace.
According to the definition of the Cambridge Dictionary, family is a large group of related types of animal or plant. By, literally, taking this definition, we can understand that we are all family, since we are all human.
I’ve known many situations of people that know each other just a little, but they feel home together, that have a very deep connection with people, they couldn’t even imagine they could relate to, through high levels of mental, sentimental and physical intimacy, and that have understood that we are all family.
In order to potentiate our peace, we must learn how to decide in the present whatever is more appropriate to our construction from integrity, this includes all kinds of relationships. There, where we feel free to express ourselves from our hearts, is where we must invest our energy.


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3 tips to detach from the limiting vision we had of our own selves

Version en español versão em portugues

The first step to have a healthy relationship with ourselves is RESPECT, that’s why we’ve asked the 3 questions to tranform our self-relationship (click here to read full text). The second step is TO DETACH, stop identifying ourselves with the image that other people have about us and with the possible wrong image we can have about our own selves.

When we define us, it seems like we get to the limit where there’s anything we can change or improve because, simply, we are this way. It’s a way of saying to ourselves that we are fated to that. That’s the reason why it’s very important to check, consciously, the definitions and find a way to transform them, since that makes us feel hopeful and increase the confidence in ourselves.

Today, let’s follow some tips in order to detach from the limiting vision we have of our own selves:

  1. Decide what we want to transform (click here to read about deciding by conviction).
  2. Look for situations where we can exercise our changes.
  3. Focus our energy on the new actions until they become habits (click here to read about constructive habits).

In each definition we find about us, there’s a transformation potential, so, let’s start working on an aspect right now until we can integrate it in our lives. Our nutrition (click here to read about conscious nutrition), our communication, our physical activity, our breathing perhaps? Right now is the moment to start.

We can be whatever we want, the most transparent, coherent and integral way possible.


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