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What Do We Deserve?

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Learning to follow our hearts (click here to read about connecting to our hearts) is one of the most effective ways for us to understand that we are worth it the way we truly are and that, if we decide to be integrated and complete in our present, that is the minimum we deserve to live, it is from here that we begin to prioritize, in a more appropriate way for us, the activities and people in our lives.

Some of our beliefs make us accept crumbs of life because we feel in some way that is what we give, this is why we need to learn more about ourselves and invest in the development of our human skills as a whole, from the way in which we relate to ourselves, as a basis, until the way we give the most appropriate to us in each moment we live. Let’s see situations that can be presented to us in which we can choose a more integral path for ourselves:

  1. Do we depend on people doing what we want them to do? It is more common than we think, it occurs mainly in power relationships in which we need to feel that we dominate the other person to feel safe. We need to learn to be self-sufficient and to know ourselves so well that we know what we can really do, and so understand what others can give too. We all have our talents and we can construct together, but not delegate responsibility for everything we want and need, each of us must play a part. This way, we have more constructive relationships and we leave emotional dependence aside to construct more integral relationships.

  2. Do we consider we do not receive what we give? Let’s check the reasons that lead us to give, because we often believe something is best for the other person without considering what the person experience. We can only really know what is most appropriate for us, let’s give more attention to what we can work on ourselves and listen more to others, avoiding our automatic answers.

  3. Do we say YES to satisfy others? life is made of moments, saying yes to everything without asking ourselves if that is what is really necessary for us to build what we want in our lives, is to say that we deserve whatever appears, let’s evaluate better and decide according to our own principles and projects, let’s respect ourselves (click here to read about learning to say “NO”).

  4. Are we interested in someone who is in a relationship? this case can happen, so, before we try to convince ourselves through our beliefs, or personal or other’s experiences, that it is right to get in the middle of a relationship, let’s think about how we would like our relationship to be and if what we are going to do we would like to experience, if we were the other person of the couple. Any action, or reaction, has its effect, so, even if we think we are immune, it is necessary to evaluate each step we want to take.

  5. Do we work because of love or needs? the fears that we lack resources, or that our talents are not paid if we use them by ourselves (or that will take a long time for giving us return), or the need to become millionaires because we think that we will be happy, or because we think that only money leads to success, these are some of the reasons that can keep us in a life ruled by money that doesn’t even make us feel satisfied, but at least it makes us feel material security. Let’s question our priorities in life, do we work in a place that respects people, the environment, that has principles aligned to ours as humans? What would we do if we had one last day of life, we would go to work in that company? Here we need to integrate everything with what we flow and put it into the context we find ourselves in. Remember that success is the happy result of an act, therefore, to walk over ourselves, our principles and others (however well mentally justified it may seem), is not succeeding, let’s evaluate our actions in a more conscious way.

We deserve an integral present, aligned to our principles and to the respect and love we have for ourselves, so let’s evaluate the options that are presented to us, all that makes us doubt let’s evaluate it even better, let’s trust more in ourselves, and in our capacities, and we will see a new reality opening up before us (click here to read about how to decide by conviction).


Version en español

versão em portugues