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Less Polarization Generates More Integration

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Throughout my life what I’ve noticed most is the way in which polarization generates segregation, if a person thinks one way, and from their perspective what the other think is wrong, then any kind of contact is avoided or conflict is generated, which makes us forget that we are only human beings, neither better nor worse, neither more nor less than others.

Extreme polarization exists because of a lack of self-confidence and a lack of available information, especially for making decisions, because this creates fear of the unknown, but what happens when we spend time in a place we trust, with people we trust? We find tranquility, and this is necessary for us to understand that the most appropriate decisions for each of us depends on our own experience, wisdom, and time.

In times of elections, sporting championships, or any moment where several perspectives seek the support of other people, we begin to know the habits of the people around us, be they segregators or integrators. It is common to see that the perspective and willingness to “be right” blind us and lead us to make decisions, which are often not consistent with what we believe, from the information we have chosen to integrate (limited in many cases by our radical perspective), but the same fear of the unknown from other perspectives leads us to radicalize and segregate without having full knowledge of the decision we are making.

When we realize this, we can choose to change our habits, we can listen more without needing to justify our position or convince others, we can inform ourselves more objectively about the options available and confront them with our values to find coherence, we can respect the differences, because it is from there that we can build what brings us the true tranquility, we can trust.

Lately, I’ve realized that people who are focused on building themselves, expressing their personal talents, and connecting assertively with the appropriate people to build projects that impact society constructively and integratively, are the ones who are transforming our society, since only by recognizing the differences, and building from them, we can have the tranquility we need, from acceptance. Let’s integrate more in all areas of our lives, both personal and social, we don’t need to be part of a party, a team, or a group, we are already part of the world, let’s do our part, let’s build.


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Version en españolversão em portugues