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3 questions to transform our self-relationship

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Relationships are as simple as we want to see them. It’s important that the first relationship we analize in order to have better relationships is the one with our own selves. Relationships we have with people depend on our worth and the boundries we set. (click here to read the text about setting boundaries)

Let’s make some questions to answer them consciously to ourselves.

  1. How do I treat myself when something doesn’t go as planned?
  2. Do I accept myself or try to be what everybody wnats from me?
  3. Do I take the responsibility of my life and my decisions? (click here to read the text about deciding by conviction)

It’s important to understand that is with our own selves that we have to exercise every aspect we feel is missing in our lives. What we expect from others must be something we can give, giving and receiving is very important to keep the harmony in relationships.

When we start to work our patience, acceptance, discipline and responsibility from our own selves, we feel more complete and comfortable.

By changing the focus, and integrating the outside with the inside, we understand the importance of making every decision of our lives with the graeatest calm and certainty possible (click here to read the text about polarities as learning). This way, our relationships with the world transform themselves, we understand that each one of us needs to be completely responsible for ourselves so we can live in a more thoughtful way.

After a long time of giving up on my responsability I decided to take it all back and I really feel very empowered (click here to buy the eBook 7 Levels for Personal Empowerment), I accept and know myself better and I really know what I want, so I direct my energy to construct the life I desire in society. What about you?

Remember to share this post with your friends and tell us your own story on the comments. How do you live your self-relationship?


Version en español

versão em portugues