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Beyond the existing models, which we identify with while trying to fit in society, there is our integrity. In order to experience integrity in our life, it is essential to broaden our perception about some issues, since only this way we can accept ourselves the way we truly are and construct from our peace.

Our mind embraces what we think is good and rejects what we think is bad. This is different for each one of us, for example, we could have been born in a family we consider good and we attach to it, others in a family they consider bad and reject it, there are also children from the same parents that may attach or reject from their own perception and their searching for external approval.

The more we know ourselves, the better we understand the role of our mind. What at some point we consider good and creates attachment, may change and we can consider it bad and reject it, therefore, the only true identity comes from the acceptance of everything we are, so we can decide from our true desire for peace in the present.

To live from integrity, our mind must be receptive so we can understand what happens as it is and from the feeling of peace decide the most appropriate way of acting in our present. This means that we accept everything we consider good and bad in ourselves and we integrate it the most appropriate way to the context we’re in.

Our life can be perceived as a whole, when we decide to be transparent, coherent to our peace and respectful to our space and resources in every single level, we build everything from there, that is the foundation for our self-confidence and for the integrated construction of our own experience.
Version en español
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Growing Through Recreation

When we focus on constructing from our peace, recreation is an essential aspect, since it is the way of integrating all the areas of our life into our own purpose of peace. It is time to learn more about our personal way of constructing what makes ourselves flow. It`s as simple as living in our own present and making decisions from our peace in every moment. This means, we are so conscious and connected to our essence, that we trust in every decision we make from peace for constructing an integral life. We can decide living our life as a whole, where our personal and professional areas become one, since we allow our essence to be the foundation of everything and express our authenticity. This way, time is experienced in a different way, we just understand that our personal area contributes to our professional area, and that our professional area also contributes to our personal area, so planning becomes dispensable and every moment is time to recreate ourselves and enjoy life. Information we get through conversations, movies, books, music, or any other source, can be used for recreating everything we construct from our purpose of peace. This makes us feel that we are always building a world of peace, with each decision we make.

Essential Autonomy

Version en español versão em portugues

One of the essential aspects we should integrate to our experience, in order to increase our personal confidence, is autonomy, since, as we understand who we truly are, and how to put that into context, we perceive that the construction of our lives totally depends on the level of commitment that we have with ourselves as social individuals.

Each one of us has a different level of autonomy in every area of our lives, from emotional to material, that must be adjusted as we advance in our path, since, above all, as part of society, it is essential to develop our autonomy in order to make decisions from our integrity, for constructing more efficient social models.

From our own experience, the following aspects need more autonomy to be developed and integrated as essential elements of our authenticity, since they build a self-confidence of solid foundation, that allows us to continue constructing from the certainty of our personal contribution:

  1. Personal Talents: we are all born with different abilities which can be potentiated, in several ways, through our own experience, when we recognize, integrate and put them into the social context, we can contribute in different areas that have the same purpose in common (click here to read about purpose).

  2. Coherent Expression: the more coherence there is between what we think, feel and express, the more energy focused on our purpose of peace we have (click here to read about the construction of peace).

As social individuals, it is essential that we cultivate the autonomy of building our authenticity, integrated to the social context we’re in, when we all contribute from our inner peace, thanks to total acceptance and integration, society reflects our integrity. 


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Version en español versão em portugues